Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are the Feds STUPID?

No, not really. They just think WE are. And that we don’t have the power to stop them from imposing their “flights of fancy” upon us. Well, I’m here to tell them we ARE strong enough to stop them when enough people wake up and pay attention to their thievery, then vote them out.

OBAMA LOSING THE IRAQ WAR: AND the war in Afghanistan. We were well on the way winning both wars (had ALREADY won both wars) when Obama took over as president. the policies he instituted have cost us the lives of many soldiers and caused us to lose a lot of ground in both wars. Just as liberals lost the war in Viet Nam by making bad policy, so Obama is doing the same.

“REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH”: That’s a “code word” for socialism and communism. It means the THEFT of money EARNED by people willing and able to work and EARN it, and GIVING it to those who are not. Reality is, nobody has the RIGHT to take that earned by one man and give it to another. It's theft. That’s what socialism and communism IS. And Obama is promoting that. Wake UP, America!

That is the motto that should be adopted by the Tea Parties and all others opposing Obama’s drive to make this into “Soviet America. The liberals keep accusing us of wanting to take things from people, but it is the LIBERALS who want to do this.

KHADDAFI’S SON KILLED? I hope it’s true, not because I have anything against him, except the accident of his birth as Khaddafi’s son. I hope Khaddafi is miserable tonight, with the war that started to rid this country of him has killed his son and several of his grandchildren,

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS--OUR ENEMY: Political correctness is just a way to shut people like me up by stopping me from using certain words. I don’t buy it. I will decide which words to use, not some nameless, faceless liberal who only wants to shut up critics.

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