Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Tax the Rich!"

Somebody did a monograph about “taxing the rich,” and after a lot of playing with the numbers came up with a “bottom line” that, after taking ALL the money the rich made for the entire year, they just managed to equal the cost of running the government for one year, while keeping “the rich” from earning ANY taxable income for the next year, making them able to collect ZERO taxes from them the next year. It was hilarious.

“HOPE LIES ETERNAL:” That’s what Harry Reid said in describing the “dog and pony show” now going on in Washington where they are trying to come up with a budget that is acceptable to the spenders (Democrats) and the non-spenders (Republicans). They talk about cutting ESSENTIAL services, but never talk about cutting such things as research to find out how often a bee farts in Alaska. The actual quote is “Hope springs eternal,” but he doesn’t know that. His choice of words is interesting, since he’s the second or third worst LIAR in Washington.

BECK NOT LEAVING FOX: He’s shutting down his show, but he will be doing other things for Fox, the same as other people such as John Stossel does. Soros will claim a victory, but he’s not “getting rid of Beck.” Beck is like a tick. Once he gets locked onto someone like Soros, he won’t let go—and Soros hates that because Beck tells the truth about what he is doing. Glenn says, “Truth has no agenda.” It is truth, and that’s it. Truth hurts people like Soros because it reveals their basest doings.

OBAMA? PUMPING GAS? He says he is “not out of touch.” He remembers what it was like pumping gas. Don’t make me laugh; when did he EVER pump gas? Maybe for a photo op. I don’t believe this idiot can even figure out HOW to pump gas without detailed instructions. Maybe not even then.

THOSE “INNOCENT PALESTINIANS”: They just sent a rocket into Israel and, wonder of wonders, actually hit a target. The target was a school bus, and two children were injured. This is what those “innocent Palestinians” do. And when Israel rightly retaliates, the world condemns them.

TWO YEARS WITHOUT A BUDGET: The Democrats have been in charge for two years and have not provided us with a budget. Now they’re criticizing the REPUBLICANS because they cannot come to an agreement on one now. The “dog and pony show” continues.

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