Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More "Investments"

When we need to stop spending so much when we have NO money to spend, Obama wants to spend further billions on a “bullet train” a la Japan. We need to STOP SPENDING. We cannot “spend our way out of this recession. That is a FUNDAMENTAL misconception common to liberals (Democrats). That is one of the bases of their incompetence to lead us. We need to get rid of the next guy who says the word “invest” or the next one who says “spread the wealth.” Those words display a BASIC ignorance of economics in general and the way the world works specifically.

OUT OF BUSINESS: I’ve been “out of business since last Friday, first because of computer problems. My computer went down and we fixed it. But when I got it back my problem with the built-in mouse getting in my way worsened and I took it back so they could disable it. They did it, okay, and disabled the whole keyboard along with it. Now I’m back to using a borrowed computer again while they get me a new keyboard. Then on Monday I tripped over my own damned feet (or over somebody else’s) and went down, giving myself a major problem. At first, I thought my left leg was broken but x-rays showed no broken bones. I had no idea a bruised bone was so painful. I’m slowly getting over it but it still “takes it out of me” just to move around.

WE DON’T “SPEND” ANY MORE: We “invest.” I guess I’m too stupid to understand what Obama is saying. He speaks on a much higher plane than I can understand. And he hasn’t yet found a way to get beyond my ignorance. I’ve always thought “investing” WAS “spending.” Whenever I “invested” in something it always took money out of my pocket. Hmmmm.

BIDEN SAYS “MUBARAK IS NOT A DICTATOR”: Does he think we’re STUPID? Wait. He does. All the idiots in Washington think we are, mostly because we voted them into office. We didn’t know any better. But it’s not that we’re stupid, it’s that most of us are just IGNORANT. They don’t “pay attention to politics,” and thus have no idea they’re electing incompetent idiots who only want the power.

WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET OFF? The Democrats are criticizing US for our “lack of civility” in our political comments. This after EIGHT YEARS of the most vitriolic comments you’ve ever heard coming from THEIR mouths about Bush? Who the hell do they think they are? Can they “lack civility” and think we’ll forget it after they lost an election and no longer have “the power?”

“INVESTMENTS?” Whenever the word “investments” comes out of a Democrat’s mouth, there are GOING to be new taxes. Bet on it. Run for the hills. They use such words to hide their intentions to rip us off for even more, even after they’ve stolen more than ALL previous presidents, combined.

HATEFUL RHETORIC: Why aren’t the unions being reviled for the “hateful rhetoric” they’ve been putting out against Wal-Mart, one of our best friends, even to the point of giving out the name and address of a Wal-Mart executive and telling them to “show up on his doorstep.” Then we have a shooting in a Wal-Mart store entrance, and no one connects these things? Sheesh!

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