Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tea Parties--Extremist?

The media—including Fox, strangely enough, are trying very hard to paint the Tea Parties as extremists. But what’s extremist about insisting the Congress make laws according to the Constitution? That they READ the laws they vote on? That they don’t make collectivist laws that are against the very BASICS on which this country is based? That this country return to the concepts of the free market that made it great? This is not extremism. It is common sense! They’re not

WHO REGULATES THE REGULATORS? Politicians constantly tell us those involved in free market activities are “ripping us off.” Really? Who regulates those politicians and bureaucrats who tell us this without ANY kind of proof? Who thinks those “regulators” are any more honest than anybody else? They’re not! Each one of them have their “friends,” just like everybody else. The question is, “Do they make it easier for their friends while making it harder on their enemies?

JOINING THE CHORUS: “Cutting spending seems to be the buzz words in Washington today, since the Republicans “took over.” Obama is one of the biggest screamers of the phrase, though he is the worst offender on that score, having spent more money than ALL the presidents before him, in just two years. Maybe he should have thought of that before he spent more money than there IS.

WAS HE A DIABETIC? Former Bush official John P. Wheeler was found murdered and thrown in a trash dump after being seen wandering around in a dazed and confused condition not long before. Nobody bothered to help him and that may have led to his murder. He may have been having a diabetic event (those symptoms are very telling) or may have been assaulted, which might have produced similar symptoms. In any case, if he was wandering around in a confused state from a diabetes incident, he might have been seen as an “easy target” by a mugger, who ended up killing him.

IT’S TOO EASY: When I first started doing what I do I worried about being able to find enough information. That has NEVER been a problem. All the information I need simply “falls into my hands” without much effort on my part. So why don’t other people pick up on it? Why are so many people ignorant of what’s going on? The answer is simple; they just don’t pay attention. I do. Actually, I come across more information than I can physically use, all the time. More people need to PAY ATTENTION, so that their own government cannot swindle them so easily.

HE WANTED A FREE RIDE HOME: An illegal alien decided he wanted to go back home, but didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket. So he went up to a policeman and told him he was an illegal alien so he’d get deported and the government would pay for his ticket. He was refused. So he went out and stole a police car to joyride. He was arrested and deported. He got his “free ride.”

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