Sunday, January 23, 2011

Job Destroying vs. Job Killing

This is what the Democrats would like us to use, and it’s silly, as are the usual Democrat wishes. They hate words like “blood libel,” used by Sarah Palin because it so well described what they were doing. What they want is to simply shut us up and stop the debate. They insist that “hard words” incite stupid actions by crazy people. They don’t. Being CRAZY does, no matter what anybody says. They use the Tucson killings as an excuse, even though the killer NEVER listened to talk radio and was NON-political.

WHY NOT USE MILITARY TRIBUNALS? There’s a big controversy about whether to use military tribunals or the usual court systems to try Islamic terrorists. There actually should BE no controversy about this. Would they have prosecuted Japanese prisoners of war in civil courts? No. The only reason these bloody murderers are not prisoners of war is that they wear no uniforms and represent no known government. They’re not criminals, they’re foreign combatants and need to be treated as such.

STATE SOVEREIGNTY: The Feds normally run right over the sovereignty of the states, as defined in the Constitution. They only recognize it when It suits their needs. As witness the feds SUING Arizona over their perfectly legal law DEMANDING the feds enforce their own laws. State sovereignty was cited in not allowing states to go bankrupt, which is proper. But forcing citizens of sovereign states to buy health insurance is not.

“BACK FROM THE BRINK”: Obama keeps talking about his administration “bringing us back from the brink.” What “brink?” How did they do it, and when? (How about a little specificity and proof of his words) It’s a typical Obama LIE to make people THINK he has done something good when he has not.

“ISLAMIC TERRORISTS”: This is yet another word Obama does not want us to use because it is so properly descriptive of the “band of brigands” who blow innocent people up, behead them, and kill them in many other ways, because they don’t believe the exact same way they do. That even includes other Muslims whose beliefs are slightly different from theirs.

“NO BIG DEAL”: People who belittle those who think Obama should show PROOF he was born in the United States say it’s “no big deal” But it IS a “big deal.” The Constitution clearly states that someone who was not born in the United States cannot be elected president. If he was not, that means he is NOT president, but is a “pretender,” and every law or Executive Order he has signed, and every regulation promulgated under his administration is NULL AND VOID. That’s IMPORTANT. It’s NOT “no big deal.”

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