Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Democrats are saying that raising the debt ceiling will be “the beginning of the end” for Republicans. Sheesh! How many times did DEMOCRATS raise the debt ceiling? Losing an election sure changes things, doesn’t it?

RATS LEAVING SINKING SHIP: Rahm Emanuel quit to run for Chicago mayor. Robert Gibbs, his “mouthpiece,” is leaving “to do something else.” He doesn’t say what. Robert Gibbs is one of the LEAST respected, least BELIEVED press secretaries in recent memory. Maybe he has come to realize this and want to do something where his incompetence is not so well recognized. Many others are leaving, too. They probably don’t want to be with Obama when he “goes down.”

STAGEHANDS MAKE $240,000 A YEAR! At Carnegie Hall, the stagehands make more money than most of the people who ATTEND the Carnegie Hall events. Obama says anybody making over $150,000 a year is RICH. Maybe somebody ought to bring this to his attention so his statements will reflect REALITY. That is, IF knowledge will change what he says.

LIES, LIES, LIES! Liberals like to sling around the “lies” accusation, but usually when they do, THEY are lying. They never offer any examples of lies when they accuse us because they can’t. There aren’t any. They constantly accuse Glenn Beck of lying, but he offers video proof of almost everything he claims. I’d love for them to offer some examples of his “lies” so we can show THEIR lies.

HICK APPOINTS UNION ACTIVIST: To head the LABOR Department in Colorado. New Governor Hickenlooper promised a government that would reflect BOTH SIDES. How appointing a UNION ACTIVIST as head of the Department of Labor does this, I don’t know.

SARAH PALIN IS STUPID! That’s what the liberals say about her, to a man (or woman). Funny, this stupid woman has “had their number” every time. One example is the “death panels.” She absolutely called it on that one. Obama and his crown “cried foul” when she called it, but then later they tried it. They were “called on it” again, and had to “run away from it.” I predict they’ll try again and again and will rebuffed every time because Sarah first named it. She frightens them, which is why they try so hard to discredit her. But she discredits THEM.

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