Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheriff Screws Up, Deflects Attention

Sheriff Dupnik completely ignored several reports of insane behavior previous to the shooting of a member of Congress and the killing of six others, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old child, about the Arizona shooter’s mental stability, and now he is making WILD statements about Rush Limbaugh and others on the radio (with NO proof of anything he says), and really SAYING nothing specific because he HAS nothing specific to say. He just wants to deflect attention from his own screwup.

DUPNIK (STUPNIK) ATTACKS GOVERNMENT: He refused to enforce the law Arizona passed to improve border control by DEMANDING the feds enforce their OWN law. Now he is stupidly criticizing Rush Limbaugh and others for criticizing the government. I guess it’s okay for Stupnik to criticize the government, but not for Limbaugh to do the same. We don’t object to GOVERNMENT, sheriff. We object to the incompetent POLICIES of THIS government. Which you, apparently, support. You’re an EMBARASSMENT to law enforcement officials, everywhere.

SCREECHING HER DEFIANCE: Some time ago liberal Hillary Clinton screeched her defiance to people who equated disagreeing with the government with treason. That was when conservatives (Bush) were being criticized by liberals like her. Now it’s LIBERALS who are being criticized and they are not calling it “treason.” They’re calling it RACISM. I guess it’s all just WHO is in office, isn’t it?

COMING: WORD BANS: Some legislators want to ban certain words and “symbols” that COULD be thought to be “offensive” to SOME individuals. That means those laws will be SUBJECTIVE, and subject to the JUDGMENT of those enforcing them. That means the “crime” will be what the cop SAYS is a crime. That’s WRONG, any way you look at it. It’s also unconstitutional. But they don’t care. Most of the people wanting to do this are liberals, who view the Constitution as only an “impediment” to what they want to accomplish. And they have the ARROGANCE to ignore the Constitution until TOLD not to, after somebody has spent a LOT of money to get a court judgment.

ARE THE “TEA PARTIES” ANTI-GOVERNMENT? Not a BIT of it; they’re anti THIS government. They want to create a government that is more responsive to OUR wishes. They have NEVER been “anti-government.” They just want to create a BETTER government in the wake of an arrogant bunch of bastards who think they know it all, and will impose their will upon us every chance they get.

NO EVIDENCE: The liberals like to “pontificate” on things without any kind of evidence there’s anything wrong. Such is their screeching about guns; and high-capacity magazines and the “need” for tighter gun laws, none of which will do ANYTHING to limit the access to guns, high-capacity magazines, or anything else to people like the Arizona shooter. If they want it, SOMEBODY will sell it to them. Quicker in areas where gun laws are “tight” than anywhere else.

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