Thursday, January 20, 2011

Putrid Sludge

That’s probably the best description of everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. It’s also a good description of everything that comes out of the mouths of most Democrat politicians and bureaucrats. It’s malodorous, and it requires cleaning up. It’s more than political lies. It’s stinking sludge and they need to have their mouths washed out with foul-tasting soap.

VIOLENT WORDS: The liberals (and Democrats) are lecturing us about the “violent words” that are used by the “right wing.” But I will NOT be lectured about “violent words” by those who are the worst offenders in that category. When the president talks about “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun” and tells you to “get in their face,” and to “target your enemies” when referring to people who disagree with him, and you, I don’t listen much to HIS words.

VIOLENT WORDS AGAIN: Liberals say “violent words” used by the “right” (but also by the left) “send a message” to people with a “screw loose” out there, who go out and shoot somebody. Should we ban such words from ALL use, even in advertising and common conversation? Should we monitor what people are saying to one another and charge them with a crime if they use a “banned word?” I hear the same words time after time, every day, in advertisements. Should we just ignore the First Amendment and ban all words SOMEBODY “finds offensive?”

CHINA USES CAPITALISM: There is only one way communist China could get in a position where it could have enough money to actually LOAN money to us. That’s by using CAPITALISM in its dealings with other countries, while denying that luxury to its people. In fact, it’s doing that very thing in its dealings with US. It’s buying airplanes and other commodities FROM us, allowing us to PROFIT, while SELLING us other things at a PROFIT to them. That’s CAPITALISM, not communism, which they declare is the ONLY way to “rule.”

PEOPLE ARE STUPID! No matter how many people “Baby Doc” DuValier murdered, no matter how much money he stole, no matter how many people’s rights he stepped on, he still has many “supporters.” Some people are just STUPID and don’t learn from experience. It's the same reason many people still cheer when Bill Clinton enters a room, and organizations pay more than $100,000.00 to hear him speak.

I’M A “BIRTHER”: I wasn’t always a “birther.” At one time I couldn’t give less of a damn about whether or not Obama was born in the USA or elsewhere. But his consistent REFUSAL to release his birth certificate has convinced me there is something there he doesn’t want America to know. And if he is ILLEGALLY sitting as president, every law he has signed, and every regulation that has been imposed upon us while he sat as president can be deleted.

SCREWING WITH US: I wouldn’t be concerned with the liberals if they didn’t spend so much time screwing with our rights and telling us what to do. Now they want to ban all smoking in private cars with children in them. They want to stop smoking in our PRIVATE HOMES if ANYBODY close by can smell the smoke! They always want to go too far.

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