Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Always Want More

There’s an argument raging now about the many (700 plus) “Martin Luther King, Jr.-named streets being in “blighted areas.” They aren’t satisfied with King being the ONLY person who was never in government being so honored. Give them an inch, and they’ll want to take a mile. Let them cut off your hand or let your grandma die, and they’ll want a foot, too. Oh, and yes; they’ll want to kill grandpa, too.

SPONSORING A HOLOCAUST: Liberals talk about conservative talk contributing to a “new holocaust,” but they (liberals) are creating an even bigger holocaust in their efforts to continue murdering unborn babies while still in the womb. They have been responsible for the murder of MILLIONS of unborn babies, who had NO CHANCE at life (that's a "holocaust"). This is the kind of people who are accusing conservatives of “promoting holocaust.” Sheesh!

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: People ask me why the liberals are constantly promoting ideas they KNOW do not work. Ideas such as socialism, national health care, and other things ANYBODY with even a small amount of intelligence know do not work. What do they have to gain? The answer is POWER. Power to tell us what we can, and cannot do. Make no mistake. It’s all about power. If they gain TOTAL POWER, they will have what they’re after.

NOT CIVIL: The Democrats call for “more civility” in debating. Unfortunately, they don’t follow their own dictates. As witness what Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) said, on the floor of the Congress, that people who disagree with Democrat positions are using Nazi methods (actually early PROGRESSIVE [otherwise known as LIBERAL] methods). Their attempt to “moderate” the language used in debates is nothing more nor less that an attempt at CENSORSHIP.

OBAMA’S “MOVE TO THE CENTER”: It’s simply a con to make the voters THINK he’s moving to the center. This guy will NEVER “move to the center. He is a dedicated socialist and that guides his every move. He doesn’t care that socialism has never worked, anywhere it has been tried. He doesn’t care that we want NO PART of socialism. He’s GOING to impose it on us if it’s the last thing he does. I want his EFFORT to be the last thing he does, politically.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: The people who support abortion largely don’t have any idea of what abortion means, in the womb. One abortion supporter finally saw an abortion being performed for the first time and it changed her whole view of abortion. She is now AGAINST abortion and is very loud in her opposition. Just because she actually SAW the violent death of an infant while he (she) fought for his (her) life and lost.

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