Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watch their Own Mouths

Liberals talk loudly about the “hate speech” spouted by conservatives on talk radio and other places. But they can’t give any believable evidence of such “hate speech” while LIBERAL sources engage in “hate speech” regularly, and it's provable. Wasn’t it a liberal who suggested Justice Thomas’ wife should feed him a lot of bacon and sausage so he’d have a heart attack? Wasn’t it a liberal who said Sarah Palin should be assassinated? Maybe they ought to wash their own mouths out with soap before they make such allegations against conservatives.

TRYING HARD TO POLITICIZE IT: A crazy idiot killed six people including a nine-year-old child and a federal judge, while wounding many others, including a U. S. congresswoman in Tucson, Arizona. Politicians are doing their best to “politicize” it for their own agendas. But it was not about politics. It was just ONE CRAZY who was "apolitical and didn’t care who he killed. He just wanted to kill. This is what politics has descended to in this country.

IS IT ABOUT JOBS? Politicians everywhere talk about “jobs” first, last, and always. But there is only ONE way they can” create” jobs. That’s to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market work. It is THEIR “meddling” that has caused this recession and it is them STOPPING the meddling that will end it. But you’ll never convince them of this. They’re just not smart enough.

HE’S DEAD, DAMMIT! The terrorists are still working very hard to convince us that bin Laden is not only still alive, but is actively running the terrorist organizations all over the world. But the fact is, we have not heard from him except on an OLD video or audiotape of him referring to something years old. Even the ones purporting to refer to something new could be Photoshopped. We made a “crispy critter” of him early on in the “terrorist wars” when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. And they’ve been hiding that fact ever since.

ELECTING IDIOTS: Why do we keep electing these idiots like Obama, Joe Biden, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and other incompetent politicians who “meddle” in things about which they know nothing and thus “mess up” our entire economy, while blaming it on others? Maybe if more people paid attention to politics all the time instead of just a couple of months before an election when the lies are flowing like water; maybe if they’d RESEARCH a candidate so they’d know something about him instead of voting him into office the same way members of Congress vote things into law, we'd start electing somebody with some intelligence.

TIME FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY: Years ago I said, “Time for another tea party.” Little did I know that when America finally woke up, they’d adopt that name for their movement. NO, I’m not claiming to have named it. I’m just happy they did it. Maybe what we need to “throw in the bay” this time instead of tea is all the laws Congress has passed without ANYBODY having read them.

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