Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aiming In the Wrong Direction

The “anti-gun nuts” are already trying to blame the shooting in Tucson, Arizona that killed a federal judge and critically wounded a U. S. Representative on the “lack of gun laws” in what was known as “the wild, wild west.” They’re also making a “big thing” of the “horrible things” the Tea Partiers said about her during the election. What about the "horrible things" that were said about the Tea Party by Democrats? Frankly, as a Tea Party supporter, I say that’s a bunch of bull. The Tea Party was NOT involved. This guy was insane and his "politics" were all over the place. What he did had nothing to do with the Tea Parties.

SHOULD WE GET RID OF FREE SPEECH? The sheriff in charge of the investigation into the shooting of Arizona Representative Gifford decries the effect of “free speech” on people who are “around the bend” anyway. So what should we do? Get rid of free speech? He criticizes the “awful things” that were said about Gifford during the recent election by “Tea Parties.” But what about the “awful things” Democrats said about Tea Party members? Did THAT result in a shooting or killing? He was quick to say she was the “target,” but cited nothing to support that opinion. The target could easily have been the judge, who has received death threats in the past. Looks like he won’t be looking in any other direction.

ANYBODY THERE WAS A “TARGET:” The guy who killed 6 people, including a nine-year-old child and a federal judge, and wounded a congresswoman, among 19 others, was insane. Anybody at that meeting could have been his “target,” or nobody in particular. He went there because it was a political meeting, and he hated politicians. Gifford just happened to be the closest to him, since she was the one hosting it. So she got shot first. This kind of “crazy” is likely to pop up anywhere, and authorities need to look closely into his motivations, rather than ASSUME he “targeted” Gifford and had been "listening to the Tea Parties."

GUN LAWS AREN’T GOING TO HELP: People are already talking about “tighter gun laws” as a “solution” to the “problem” revealed by the shooting that killed a federal judge (and 5 other people) and injured a congresswoman. But “tighter gun laws” will not help. Crazy people who do such things are not going to be deterred by a law that says they can’t be armed. And the tighter the gun laws in any given area, the easier it is to get guns illegally if you don’t care about illegality. Which such people don’t.

THE UNANSWERABLE QUESTION: I’ve asked this question many times, of many people, mostly anti-gun politicians, and so far have not received a satisfactory answer. The question: “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, whose entire life is breaking the law, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” That’s because there IS no answer that doesn’t betray their ignorance of human nature and hurt their cause. They usually just "brush me off" by saying "that doesn't matter," or some other bullcrap.

ALL OVER THE MAP: The guy who shot the judge and congresswoman (and 5 others) in Arizona had views that were “all over the map,” according to those who have investigated him. But still they are trying to pin this insane shooting on “the right.” All without any proof of anything. They’re also trying to pin it on “Free speech, trying to advance their agenda to eliminate free speech.

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