Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get The Hell Out of the Way!

Obama keeps acting like he doesn’t know how to improve the economy. He appoints committee after committee, all of which come up with nothing that works when the answer is as plain as the ears that dwarf his face: get the hell out of the way and let the free market do its work! The free market CREATED the economy of this country, which WAS an economy that was the envy of the world until Democrats and other liberals started playing with it.

CITIZEN’S REINVESTMENT ACT OF 1976: It didn’t start with this law, but this law made what we’re experiencing today inevitable. It FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW were deadbeats, a “recipe for disaster.” It was a scheme to “take over the country” in a bloodless coup. And it worked. But they didn’t count on America waking up and getting rid of them. They thought this country were a bunch of wusses and would do nothing as they took our rights and money away in big numbers.

“OBAMA’S STASH”: You ask the average multi-generational welfare recipient where the money Obama is giving them comes from, and they don’t know; nor care. They say it comes from “Obama’s stash.” Apparently they neither know, nor care, that “Obama’s stash” comes from the taxpayer’s (your) pocket. He HAS no “stash” other than that.

WHO PAYS THE TAXES? The top 10% of income earners pays 70% of the income taxes paid. That's according to the IRS itself. This is a figure liberals would rather you not know. If you cite this figure to them, they “poo-poo” it; they can’t show you any figures to PROVE it is wrong (while we CAN show them to prove it right) but they INSIST you’re wrong.

COLMES RIDICULES THOSE WHO CAN’T READ A 2,000 PAGE DOCUMENT: Alan Colmes, the liberal half of the now defunct Hannity-Colmes show on Fox (you know, the network the liberals say only tells one side, but which is the only one that tells BOTH sides) ridiculed the people who talked bout “reading that 2,000 page document” that was Obama’s health care swindle. As if Nancy Peelosi actually gave them time to do so. Somebody ought to slap Colmes in the puss when he makes cracks like that.

IT’S NOT BROKEN; DON’T FIX IT!! The Internet is being run fine by the ISPs who are running it right now. They (with the possible exception of AOL, which attempts to censor conservative thought on occasion) do a good job. To solve that little problem, conservatives just don’t use AOL. Soon AOL will go out of business, and viola! Problem solved, all without the involvement of a liberal government. The government has no power to regulate the Internet, except that they illegally give themselves. I will not allow them to “regulate” me, in any way. It’s a typical liberal power grab and will not be allowed.

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