Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ignoring the Constitution

Many of our very LAWMAKERS ignore the Constitution as a matter of course. Once a reporter asked Nancy Peelosi where in the Constitution does it say this government can force people to buy something. Her answer? “Are you serious?” I've heard other congresspeople ridicule people for suggesting they follow the Constitution or even READ the bills they vote into law.

“A NATION OF SHEEP”: Judge Napolitano of Fox News called us “a nation of sheep” when he observed a TSA agent fingering a woman’s breasts while “feeling her up” as a condition to letting her on an airplane while she just stood there and took it. He’s right. If we continue to allow this, we ARE “a nation of sheep.” I would not stand for it. I wouldn’t mind if the TSA agent was a pretty blond, but if a man “touched my junk” I’d slap him silly right there. I wouldn’t just “threaten him with arrest.”

“HIS MIRANDA RIGHTS”: Obama wants soldiers in the field to read terrorists their “Miranda Rights” when they’re captured on the field of battle. Only problem is, they DON’T HAVE Miranda Rights. They’re not American citizens. They’re foreign combatants. Reading them their “Miranda Rights” is not only STUPID, it shows mass INCOMPETENCE on the part of those running things in Washington.

STUPID STATEMENTS: At the top of the list of STUPID STATEMENTS made by politicians and ignored by the press and everybody else is Nancy Peelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crack while stumping for Obama’s health care swindle bill. Apparently she doesn’t know that’s not the way we do things in this country. We’re not a dictatorship where the only way to find out what’s in a new law is to PASS it. We need to GET RID OF this kind of dumb-ass.

ARROGANCE: Speaking of arrogance, how arrogant must Nancy Peelosi BE to make such a stupid statement as the one above and not expect to be taken to task over it? She knows most of the people in power in Washington (now) either agree with her, or just don’t care. In any case, such arrogance needs to be REMOVED from Washington and a process put in place to see that it never happens again.

A “BANDAID”: Every “stimulus program” we’ve seen is nothing but a “bandaid” on a “seeping wound” in our economy. It adds NOTHING to the economy. It just “spreads the wealth” around, something Karl Marx advised in his Communist Manifesto. It takes tax money and gives it to the failures of society, thus rewarding failure. Yet Obama keeps trying it, over and over, though he KNOWS it will never work. It DOES, however, allow him to reward his friends in a quasi-legal manner.

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