Monday, January 10, 2011

"Beating A Dead Horse"

As usual, the news media (including Fox) are “beating a dead horse” about the killing of a (Republican) judge, 6 other people (including a nine-year-old girl) and wounding a congresswoman and a bunch of others (20 in all) is obsessing about it without bringing us much in the way of new information about it.. ALL that has been on the news today (Jan 9) is about that, and that alone. It’s as if there isn’t any other news, anywhere in the world, today. Little by little, we learn new things, one thing at a time, like pulling teeth, while they repeat, over and over, what they’ve already said and play the same clips over and over.

HE’S GOT THE RIGHT LAWYER: Jared Laughner, the shooter in Arizona, now has a lawyer. The same public defender who defended Ted Kazinski, the Oklahoma bomber, and at least one Islamic terrorist will represent him in court. She lost all the cases and got two put in prison for a long time. The Oklahoma bomber was executed. I hope she does as good a job for this guy.

GOING AFTER THE GUNS, OF COURSE: The gun didn’t kill a (Republican) federal judge in Arizona. The man who pulled the trigger killed the judge. Making laws to limit access to guns just DOES NOT WORK. Those who want to indiscriminately kill people will do it, with or without a gun. In Korea some time ago, a man went into a school and killed several students with KNIFE. The tighter the gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to get a gun illegally because more people are selling them. I keep saying this, and nobody says I’m wrong. But nobody recognizes that I’m right, either. I talk and talk and talk, and nobody listens. And people die.

“THE VITRIOL” IS RESPONSIBLE: Democrats in Arizona, and elsewhere, now say “the vitriol” in the last election is responsible for the killing of a federal judge and 6 others, and wounding a congresswoman. But they fail to mention the “vitriol” coming from DEMOCRATS in the same election. Somewhere I heard a liberal blog called for the ASSASSINATION of Sarah Palin. Is this not “Vitriol?” Maybe they ought to contain their OWN “vitriol” before they criticize others.

“GETTING BACK TO NORMAL”: People are constantly asking, “When are we going to get back to normal?” The answer is simple: “As soon as we get rid of Obama and his cronies so they can no longer ‘fiddle’ with the economy.” They keep asking how to make things better and we keep answering, “Get out of the way and let the free market fix the economy.” But they don’t listen. They keep fiddling with it and making it worse.

DISAPPOINTMENT PALPABLE: The disappointment on the left that the Arizona shooter is a left-wing zealot and a pot-head instead of the “Tea Partier” they wish he was is almost palpable. The hints they threw out within MINUTES of the shooting that the shooter HATED her vote FOR the Obama health care swindle were not at all unexpected, since they like to think ANY violence can be attributed to the right. But it cannot. So far, just about every violent outburst has come from the left.

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