Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get To Something Important!

John Elway was announced as the number three man in the Denver Bronco’s organization on Thursday and the radio station that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh in Denver interrupted his show and ran the press conference in its entirety, INCLUDING all the inane questions usually asked by sports reporters (an hour's worth) while nobody heard what went on in Rush’s show while all this was going on. What’s more important? Who runs the Broncos? Or the important information Rush brings us?

“EVERYBODY KNOWS”: That’s what all liberals say just before they say something stupid. Joy Behar (Blow3hard) did it just before she said Sarah Palin could never get elected president. She HOPES, anyway. Sarah has a lot better chance than does Joy! At least she’s smart enough to recognize reality, which Joy apparently is not. Fact is, everybody does NOT know.

HIDING IT: That’s what the man who authored that ill-fated regulation requiring doctors to “discuss” those “end of life issues” (death panels) with their patients if they wanted to collect the pittance Medicare pays them wanted. He thought that “the longer Americans don’t notice this, the better our chances of keeping it.” Sorry; that horse has already gone and your regulation along with it. I know you’re going to try it again, and I hope enough people are paying attention to scotch these continuing efforts.

IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY, NANCY! Nancy Peelosi is “all bent out of shape” about the Republicans insisting the Constitution be read to Congress. She says it’s going to cost a LOT of money. This may be the only time members of Congress get to hear the details of the Constitution, so what has it cost us NOT to read it? A good illustration of Nancy’s lack of intelligence is when she said “repealing the health care law will cost us money.” I’d like to see her detail just how that will happen.

CONFIRMED: DALEY CHIEF OF STAFF: The Chicago mob has taken over in Washington. Obama’s original chief of staff has resigned to attempt to succeed the current Chicago mayor while the youngest son of Daley Dynasty patriarch goes to Washington to take over his job. Who knows: maybe they’ll just move Chicago to Washington.

“RELATIVELY MODEST PAY”: That’s what Obama’s “press flack” calls the $175,000.00 a year he makes to repeat Obama’s lies to the world. Other liberals say $250,000 a year is RICH. That nobody NEEDS to make that much (What gives them the right to dictate how much a person “NEEDS” to make?). Most government employees make more than $150,000 a year, which is probably why Gibbs thinks his pay is “relatively modest.” I’d like to have made anywhere NEAR that much, at any time I was working.

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