Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"It's My Opinion, Period!"

That’s the answer the press got from the Arizona Sheriff who attributed the shooting in Tucson to “unstable” people who were “inspired” by the “vitriol” heard in the last election (2008). Most of it came from Democrats, but he ignores that. This is the (Democrat) sheriff, remember, who refused to enforce the Arizona law that made Obama so mad. The law that DEMANDED the feds enforce their own immigration laws and caused the president to SUE Arizona (based on what law, I can’t figure out).

THE LIBERALS ARE IN CHARGE: Which is no doubt why politics is so silly and petty today, with the PRESIDENT suing the State of Arizona because they had the temerity to make a law DEMANDING the feds actually ENFORCE their own laws to control our borders, and Congress passing a law allowing gays to openly serve in the military, and other silly things. Gays don’t NEED a LAW if they want to openly serve. They just need the understanding of their fellow soldiers.

KNEW HE HAD A “SCREW LOOSE”: Many different people who knew the Arizona shooter knew he had a “screw loose,” maybe because of a case of alcohol poisoning he suffered some years ago. He was asked to leave his college and lost most all of his friends. One student actually kept a RECORD of the silly things he did. Another made sure she sat next to the door so she could escape quickly if her ever came in and started shooting. So why didn’t he get help?

LOOK WHO’S TALKING! Democrats are decrying the “vitriol” in the political process today, but who is it that is the most vitriolic in what they say”? Nancy Peelosi is the one who called people who oppose her “Nazis” and “Astroturf.” One liberal blog said Sarah Palin should be assassinated. Damned if I don’t think Democrats should “wash their own mouths out” before they complain about what someone ELSE says.

TRYING TO DISCREDIT THE RIGHT: Liberals are working hard to discredit Sarah Palin and anybody on the right who scares the hell out of them. They stretch facts way out of shape to advance their agenda, and LIE. They will use any event to promote their aims. They’re trying even now to blame the Tea Parties for the shooting in Arizona (by a guy whose favorite books are Mein Kamph and the Communist Manifesto) that killed a federal judge and a nine-year-old child while wounding a United States Representative. This without a SHRED of any kind of evidence, using innuendo.

EVIDENCE LACKING: Sheriff Dupnik (Stupnik) says a lot of nasty things about Rush Limbaugh and others on the radio talking without any kind of proof, completely ignoring the fact that HE (Stupnik) has no proof of anything HE is saying. This is typical of the left. If something against their opponents doesn’t exist, they just make it up. Be unspecific, and just “pontificate” without saying ANYTHING specific that can be specifically disputed.

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