Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's WRONG With Obama?

Private business IS the “foundation” on which our economy is based. Without the PROFITS they make, there ARE no taxes for the government to collect. No jobs for Americans. But Obama is doing everything in his power to hurt business. How STUPID is this man? He has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal industry, not even considering that without coal there is NO electricity. Without electricity, we “go down the tubes.” Is that what he and the radical environmentalists want? Sheesh!

NOT ALL “CHANGE” IS GOOD: Obama promised “change.” But, as usual, he didn’t go into detail about what KIND of “change” he meant. So far, every “change” he has caused moves us closer to collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism). If everything Obama wants to do happens, we will enter another “dark ages,” business-wise. And we ALL will suffer.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING DOES NOTHING: Government spending is NOT the way to “prime the pump” and increase hiring. All it does is take money from a tax PAYER and give it to a tax TAKER. It does NOT “create new wealth,” which is absolutely necessary to economic health.

DIFFERENT RULES: The left doesn’t want to live by the same rules they set for “the little people,” which is what they call us. So when they MAKE those rules they’re always careful to EXEMPT themselves. Example: Obama’s health care swindle applies to “the little people,” but not to federal employees, primarily politicians and most bureaucrats. They have a much better plan.

GO TO ARIZONA: Obama wants to hurt Arizona because of the law they made to force the feds to ENFORCE their own immigration laws. So he promotes a “boycott Arizona” scam. To beat it, schedule your vacation in Arizona. I’m certainly going to go there every chance I get.

CREATING COMMISSIONS: Obama doesn’t like “commissions.” So he creates a commission to oversee all his commissions. One mayor once said, “If you want to stop something, just create a commission to study it. That’s the best way to stop anything.” Maybe it’s an exercise in job creation for government employees.

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