Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Hates Israel and England

His father (who was Islamic and a communist) TAUGHT him to hate Israel and all Jews. One of his grandmothers (also a communist) helped, and she also aided in his hatred of England by telling him stories of his great-grandfather being tortured by British soldiers (which is why he insulted Britain as one of his first acts as president by sending back the bust of Winston Churchill they sent Bush). If you don’t know what a communist is, and how that is dangerous, you’d BETTER learn—and NOW.

FAILING ECONOMY: The economy “in shambles.” That’s how Obama described it in February, 2008, when Bush was still president and unemployment was 4.8%. (4.8%!) How would he describe it now with unemployment hovering around 10%? Gads, what a jerk!

OBAMANOMICS HAS FAILED: There’s no way around it. Unemployment is hovering around 10% he’s spending money like water, counterfeiting cash to pay for it, and putting our great-great-grandchildren thousands of dollars in debt the day they’re born. Meanwhile, Obama SAYS “Reaganonics is “passé.” We need to GET RID OF this jerk as soon as possible!

BYRD STILL COSTING US MONEY: They spent a lot of money having him “lying in repose” in Washington, and for his fancy funeral, at which they extolled him. Something he did not deserve. Actually, they needed to dump him in the trash bin with the rest of the trash.

THE “SMALLEST MINORITY”: “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --Ayn Rand. This is exactly what the liberals do while claiming to be “champions of the minorities.”

DICTATING WHAT WE EAT: Where in the Constitution does it say Congress can BAN trans fats or ANYTHING we eat? I don’t think it’s there, so how can it be done lawfully? Unlawful doesn't stop Obama any time.

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