Saturday, July 10, 2010

America Rising

America is “rising up” and the first thing America will do is vote everybody who has supported Obama’s travesties of law out of office in November, 2010. then they will vote Obama himself out of office in November, 2012 (if they can't impeach him sooner), replacing him with (hopefully) Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal, or both. The video this link leads to (today) details Obama’s crimes, except for one. His “minions” successfully got this video removed from YouTube, but it is still up on the “Power Line” blog (at least, as this is written, but I wouldn’t count on it being even there long since Obama’s censors are pretty resourceful). If you try to go there and find it gone, let me know. Thanks to Barry Cooper for sending me this.

Obama's "Leftward Lurch?"Somebody’s been kidding Dick Morris if he thinks it’s a “leftward lurch.” Left is what Obama IS, and so are his accomplices. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence can see that if they’re paying attention. He speaks of “redistribution of wealth” and that is PURE socialism, no matter how much they deny reality. He has many times expressed hatred of private enterprise, and THAT is pure socialism.

BOXER IS AN IDIOT: Barbara Boxer thinks the way to create jobs is to raise taxes and grow government. But then, we all know Boxer is an idiot while BEING an idiot is an advantage in the Democrat Party. How else would we get people like Obama, Barney Frank, and HIS ilk (I don’t mean gay, I mean stupid), and Bill Clinton, otherwise known as “zipper down!”?

OBAMA’S DITHERING: I’m getting very tired of Obama’s dithering about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s only getting in the way of efforts to stop the spill while griping and placing ALL the blame on BP. Yes, BP is specifically at fault in this instance. But the government is GENERALLY at fault for forcing them to drill so far out, and so deep. I just don’t understand his giving oil companies a hard time as long as there is NO ALTERNATIVE to oil for the foreseeable future.

KEEPING COPS SAFE: There is a movement afoot to ban people from filming a policeman “doing his duty” in this country. That will keep the public from knowing about the excesses of some cops in stress situations. That way there will never be ANY video or photographic evidence when a cop oversteps his authority (except that on his own dash camera, which HE controls). That’s what they hope, anyway. This is CENSORSHIP and unconstitutional.

NON-SPECIFICS: That’s Obama. He promises to “change this country” but he never says HOW h plans to “change” it. So far, the “changes” he has enacted are NOT changes this country wants, and CERTAINLY not the ones I want. We need to “change” the so-called “leadership” in Washington so Obama’s radicals can’t make this into a socialist nation which will be the IMAGE of Soviet Russia.

WE WANT A DICTATOR! That’s what many people are screaming for. They want Obama to do what dictators do; such as “take over” BP and get that leak STOPPED! Only problem is, he has no idea how. If he actually DID ”take them over,” the responsibility would then be on HIS shoulders. He couldn’t “blame others” for his failure. He wants to have BEEN president, but doesn’t want the responsibility. But what frightens me is that SO MANY are demanding he “do dictatorial things.” Like Rosie O’Donnell said: “I don’t care if you become a dictator, just get it done!” Even George Bush signed a law banning incandescent bulbs. I intend to “stock up” on them so I can use them as long as I live.

UNNECESSARY “STUDIES”: A recent study shows that teenage boys eat a lot. What? We needed a STUDY to find that out? Just ask any mother of teenage boys. Or a father who has to come up with the money to buy all the groceries they eat. I wonder how much that “study” cost to conduct? Whatever it cost, it might have fed a teenage boy for a week. Or at least a day.

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