Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part of the "Ruling Class"

This is just another term to describe the elite liberals. They call themselves many things: professors, teachers, educators, journalists, pundits, columnists, liberal radio hosts, government employees, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. But the simple fact is, they’re all “members of the ruling class.” John McCain wanted desperately to be a member, but was denied. The liberal media CHOSE him to run against their hand-picked candidate because they knew he would lose.

FEC EXEMPT: The FEC has notified Fox Business that the new banking law has made the FEC EXCEMPT from the Freedom of Information Act. Which means they can just “slam the door in the face” of ANYBODY who questions them, or their methods. Just tell them to "go to hell." The criminals have made their crimes legal. I know I'm being "very graphic" these days, using terms like "stupid," "criminals," etc., but things are getting to the point where such language is necessary to describe those in Washington and other places of government.

SHUT DOWN FOX NEWS? Wait a minute! What happened to the “free press?” Oh. That term only applies to the media that follows the liberal line! It doesn’t apply to a media giant that has “risen above” the “pretend media” by telling us BOTH SIDES of ALL issues. They forget that if it can be done to Fox, it can be done to any one of them, as well. And will.

OBEDIENT SERVANTS OF THE LEFT: That’s what today’s “journalists” are. “Obedient servants” of the ruling class. Whatever Obama, or any other member of the “ruling class” says, they parrot.. They “feed the crocodile, hoping he eats them last.” They no longer know HOW to “report the news.” Today, they just repeat the “talking points of the ruling class.”

IT MEANS MY DEATH: I know what I say every day is going into a file that is being kept by members of the “ruling class” for use in the “case” they will bring against me and all other dissenters after they manage to pass laws that allow it. I know that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and others will go first, and I hope I’m already dead by then. That time WILL come; mark my words. It will come quicker than you might think.

WORKING FOR LOWER TAXES AND MORE FREEDOM: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (he of the tax evasion that was forgiven to allow him to BE Treasury Secretary) says the corporate interests want less taxes and more freedom to suck money from us. What they REALLY want is for the government to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them do what they do best: make money for ALL of us, and create jobs—which is something the government CAN’T do. All the government CAN do is “suck money from us.” And that’s what they do best.

WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE? Everywhere I go I find people who still sport Obama bumper stickers on their cars, spout ill-informed opinions that make no sense, and say things like one woman I know said, “I like Obamna and I don’t want to hear anything against him.” I feel sorry for these people for they “know not what they do.” They purposely “pay no attention to politics” and are thus ill-informed. Yet they STILL vote for the one who will promise them the most “bread and circuses.” They have NO IDEA they’re putting themselves in his hands and he WILL take advantage of them.

IT'S OFFICIAL--COPS CAN'T CHECK CITIZENSHIP IN ARIZONA: The judge has decreed it. ONLY the feds can check citizenship, and they refuse to do so. This is a typical illustration of how the "black-robed dictators" rule the roost. The judge is a liberal (Clinton) appointment, and obviously is not above "making law from the bench." Arizona is going to appeal this decision to--guess what?--the 9th "Circus Court." How much success do they expect in this, the most liberal and most reversed court in the land? This case is GOING to go to the Supreme court, no matter who wins in the "Ninth Circus." We can only hope the top court is still sufficiently non-liberal by then.

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