Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arizona's California Law

California has had an almost identical law to that recently passed in Arizona for a long time, and nobody has said a word. At the same time, nobody has done anything to enforce California’s law, either. Are California politicians in VIOLATION of this law? Meanwhile, California politicians are calling Arizona’s law unconstitutional, obviously never having read it. What a FIASCO!

SNUBBING ISRAEL: One of the first “state visits” Obama made as president was to an Islamic country. Since then, he has made MANY visits to Islamic countries. Has he EVER visited Israel? No once. That pretty much tells me how he feels about Israel, one of our staunchest allies. And about Islamic countries, most of whom HATE us for BEING us.

WHO WAS ADOLPH HITLER? Fully one-fourth of 17-year-olds don’t know who Adolph Hitler was, OR what he did to six million Jews. Will we be forced to repeat history because of this? Politicians in Washington “scream bloody murder” if you accuse them of using the same methods as Hitler used. But they are. Should we just ignore that and let them create the same kind of dictatorship in America that he did in Germany? Sheesh!

PUSHING JEWS INTO THE SEA: That’s what today’s Islamic extremists openly say they want to do. At least, they don’t have any “ovens” in which to murder them. They only want to drown them and replace Israel with a “hard-line” Islamic state. What’s the difference between what they want, and what Hitler DID?

WHY DID ISRAEL BLOCKADE GAZA? Because the Palestinians (who ARE Islamic extremists) are using it as a base from which to shoot rocket bombs into Israeli neighborhoods, indiscriminately killing innocent women and children. Israel has the INHERENT right to defend itself, whatever it takes. It follows Israel would want to stop them from bringing in munitions from outside Gaza.

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE ISRAEL? He denies it. But he has visited Islamic states many times, and Israel not once. I don’t know why he hates Israel. Maybe it’s his Islamic upbringing. But he does, and his every movement toward Israel shows it. Maybe he’s not “officially” a Muslim, but in his formative years he LIVED a “Muslim life,” You tell me what he “learned.”

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