Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reuters Caught in the Act

They’ve been “doctoring photos” to make Israel look bad for a long time and have been caught before. This time we can show doctored and undoctored photos side-by-side. We don’t know yet what their excuse will be, but it’ll be a good one, I can assure you. They’ve long been known as supporters of the Palestinians.

LIBERALS HECKLE PEELOSI: Nancy Peelosi spoke before a bunch of LIBERALS, trying to sell Obama’s health care swindle and was heckled. It’s pretty bad when you’re heckled by your SUPPORTERS. She told them they had “made their point.” But will she be listening? I doubt it. Members of this administration have shown a positive TALENT for ignoring people who don’t agree with them.

“SHE DESERVES RESPECT”: Hugh Hewitt says Nancy “deserves respect.” He’s wrong. She only deserves respect when she actually does her job and does things the people who voted her into office wish. When she actually LISTENS to them, not just pretending to.

THE “BLAME GAME”: Obama criticizes Americans for practicing “the blame game,” but he is the biggest “blamer” of others besides himself, mostly Bush and “the last administration.” He can’t seem to open his mouth without blaming someone else for the things HE has done.

“THEY’VE LAWYERED UP”: Obama is giving BP a hard time because they’ve “lawyered up” after he threatened them with criminal charges because of the oil spill. What the hell does he EXPECT them to do? Jeeze, how STUPID he is! When threatened, you “circle the wagons.”

WHY AYN RAND WAS RIGHT: Today’s liberals keep saying Ayn Rand didn’t understand Russia and collectivism (communism). This woman LIVED under collectivism all her early life. And when she finally escaped and came to this country, she saw the beginnings of the same kind of thinking that PRODUCED the Soviet Union and wanted to try and “wake up” Americans to the danger she saw. How could she NOT “understand” Russia OR communism?

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