Thursday, July 8, 2010

Making Our Own Decisions

That’s what the battle is all about. Obama wants the power to make all our decisions FOR us. He wants us to have to go to one of his “hand-picked bureaucrats,” hat in hand, to ask PERMISSION to do things we should have the right to do WITHOUT asking permission from someone who should have NO power over our lives. That’s basically ALL we want.

BLITHERING IDIOTS: Those are the words that best describe the Aruban “authorities.” Joran Van Der Sloot murdered a girl there, and they couldn’t get him for it. so he continued his meandering ways, traveling the world, gambling, whoring, drinking, etc., and whenever someone displeased him, he killed them. How many other people has he killed in the five years since his first “known” murder?

IT WASN’T A GAME: They tried to pass it off as a few teenagers jumping back and forth across the Mexican-American border when a Border Patrol Agent shot and killed an “innocent” 15-year-old boy. It wasn’t that simple. The boy is a well known smuggler who was wanted. He was engaged in a smuggling operation and they threw deadly missiles (rocks and bricks) at the Border Patrol Agents, which could have killed them. That made it a “deadly confrontation.” They were assaulting an armed federal officer to keep him from arresting one of their number. They made a big thing about showing a video of his family crying over his coffin and saying “he was such a GOOOOD boy!” This is typical of the liberal press.

THAT GIANT SUCKING SOUND: That’s coming from Canadian soccer games. The Canadian Youth Soccer League made a new rule: “Any game won by more than five points will cause the winner to lose by default. You read that right. The idiots have taken over soccer in Canada, and it sucks. That kind of thinking is gaining traction here, too. Soon we’ll have auto races with NO winner; baseball and football games likewise, and what will be the purpose of PLAYING them?

PROCLAIMING THEIR IGNORANCE: Every time I see a car with an Obama sticker on it, I think: “Is this guy STUPID? Does he STILL support the guy who is plundering us? If I had voted for that dolt of a president (I didn’t) I would want to hide it, not continue to proclaim my ignorance to the world.

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