Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Van Who?

The liberal media doesn’t even know who self-admitted communist Van Jones (who was forced to leave the White House, days after his appointment as one of Obama’s “czars” after Glenn Beck exposed him, even showing a tape of the speech where he made that admission). They may deny it how. But when asked about it before, they professed not to know about him because Obama told them not to—and they “tugged their forelocks” and did not know.

THE PRESS DOESN’T REPORT: They don’t report ANYTHING Obama doesn’t want them to report. There is much violence in Mexico and in other places Obama doesn’t want you to know about—and they wait to hear what Obama says about it BEFORE reporting ANYTHING. When he says, “don’t report it” by playing it down, they don’t.

TWISTING THE NEWS: To make sure Obama was elected. Their primary method was to IGNORE important stories and call a conservative critic (they didn’t care who) a “racist” when they couldn’t. That was confirmed on the "Journolist."

OBAMA ADMITS DEFEAT: His bill to extend unemployment benefits is just that; and he paraded three of his worst failures before his slavishly obeying press to support it. He hopes people will forget that if he was successful in increasing the number of available jobs, this bill would not be necessary.

VICIOUS AND BLOODTHIRSTY MEDIA: They HATE Rush Limbaugh with a passion. A well-known (liberal) media figure was quoted saying, “I would like to see Rush Limbaugh dead. If he were dying in front of me, I’d watch it. I wouldn’t try and save him. I would be glad he’s dead.” This is the kind of people who are now PRETENDING to be the media while IGNORING the looting of America that is happening before our eyes today in Washington.

USING THEIR OWN WORDS AGAINST THEM: Isn’t that awful; that the conservatives are using the liberals’ own words against them? Wait—isn’t that what the liberals are begging and pleading with their own people to do against the conservatives?

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