Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's All A Con

We have a con man in the presidency. Everything he does is a con to increase his power, and thus his ability to take money away from us to use in getting his own way in all things. I guess it was just a matter of time before such a con man conned his way into the presidency, since liberals work on the assumption that people will elect them to important offices if they offer them more “bread and circuses” than do the Republicans, who sometimes tell the truth and rely on common sense.

“FLEETING ASSOCIATION” WITH THE KLAN: That’s Bill Clinton’s version of Senator Robert Byrd’s association with the Ku Klux Klan, and he’s really STUPID if he thinks we’ll buy that lie. You don’t become a “Grand Kleagle” or whatever he was by having a “fleeting association” with the Klan. You only attain that high a position after YEARS of membership and work in promoting their aims, which were the death of all blacks. He didn’t join the Klan to get elected (which is an evil thing to do, in any case), he joined it because he BELIEVED in what THEY believed in.

BYRD HATED BLACKS: He hated them until the day he died, and good riddance. He is best known for FILIBUSTERING the Civil Rights Act and doing everything he could to hurt black people. He has TRIED to pretend that he, in later years, “moderated” his views on racism, but he didn’t. He was a racist until the day he died. He was just better at hiding it.

THE BASIS OF LIBERALISM: In “Mallard Fillmore, the liberal dope says “I’m proud of you. You got a “shelter dog. Makes you sound liberal.” To which Mallard replies, “No; if I were a liberal I’d want a law forcing YOU to get a “shelter dog.” This is the very basis on which liberalism (as we know it today) sits.

PAINTING US AS RACISTS: Obama and his accomplices want to paint ALL disagreement with his scams and schemes as “racism,” and the NAACP has recently joined the whining, saying the “Tea Parties” have “occasionally had racist participants.” They can’t prove it, but they say it, anyway. This is a common liberal scam. Say somebody who disagrees with you is racist, even if you can’t prove it. Repeat it everywhere you can, over and over, similarly without proof, until it “becomes truth” and those who believe it will fight you if you try and set them straight.

OBAMA IS HALF WHITE: So why does he make so much about his “black side?” Because it’s convenient; and he can use it to “blacken” his detractors without having to bother answering their criticisms. Personally, I don’t care if he’s purple with pink polka-dots. He’s a SOCIALIST and I want no part of socialism. And if you don’t know what socialism is, and why it’s bad for us, you’d BETTER find out before he succeeds in imposing it on us!

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