Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrunner is Dead

The news media is busy obsessing over it, as they normally do on important and unimportant things until we're tired of hearing about them. This is all I will say about it. Unlike the media, I don't care how many times George went to the head in his last years, or some such. I have many more important things to think about. Obama's scam to take control of all our money, for example.

OBAMA’S FLAT-OUT LIE: “BP had to drill so far out, and so deep, because there’s nowhere else to drill.” What a LOAD! There’s nowhere else to drill because idiot liberal environmental regulations will not ALLOW drilling anywhere else! That’s the ONLY reason. ANWR, for instance, was originally “set aside” FOR oil drilling, with the “approval” of Congress. It is a desolate, unpopulated area in Alaska where even ALASKANS want to drill. Why does nobody talk about this?

LET HIM FINISH, DAMMIT! The Senate committee asks the CEO of BP a question and three or four words into his answer, Henry Waxman, or some other senator interrupts him, making a typical liberal pronouncement that has no basis in fact, but which is uttered as if it were fact, not allowing him to complete his thought. This needs to STOP. They need to allow these people to TESTIFY, as they were summoned there to do.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: The senators pretending to question the CEO of BP about the Gulf Oil spill just do not have the expertise to understand the answers given. They don’t have the expertise to even understand the QUESTIONS they are asking. They have read up on it enough to SOUND knowledgeable, rather than read the bills they are voting into law but they’re not. They have no business taking up the time of this man and others who should be spending their time PLUGGING that leak, not answering inane questions about it.

“FROM DAY ONE”: That has been Obama’s mantra about his response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and likewise the mantra of all his mouthpieces. There’s one problem: it isn’t true. It’s a typical Obama lie, told to cover the fact that it was more than FIFTY DAYS before he made a meaningful trip down there to see things first-hand. It’s yet another example of the liberal use of Goebbel’s (Hitler’s PR man) system: “Tell a lie. Make it a big one. Tell it often to as many people as will listen. Soon it will become truth, and those who believe it will fight you if you try and set them straight.”

SELF ESTEEM UP, PERFORMANCE DOWN: That’s what a recent study discovered, and they were surprised. I wonder why. Could it be the liberals’ effort to “raise self esteem” by keeping their own shortcomings from teens? Self esteem is their opinion of their talents and abilities, based on LACK of information. Self IMAGE is their opinion of their talents and abilities based on TRUTH about them. They have set out on a course to HIDE their shortcomings from teens so as not to REDUCE their self esteem. It doesn’t work. The “chickens are now coming home to roost.”

MAJORITY IN CONGRESS SUPPORT ISRAEL: Did you know that 87 out of 100 senators (almost 90%) wrote a letter to Obama CITING that support? This letter was also signed by 307 members of the House! Can Obama ignore that? Did you see ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? I thought not.

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