Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Change It's Name

If a liberal plan is discredited, they just change its name to fool us further. Example: “Cap and Trade.” The American people have shown decisively that they want nothing to do with it. So now it’s a “Jobs Bill.” AlGore started finding it hard to sell his “Global Warming” swindle, since the world stopped “warming” about 2000. So now it is “climate change.” That way, ANY change in the climate can be attributed to it without the speaker being laughed out of the room.

STIMULUS HAS FAILED: It could not succeed because it creates NO new wealth. It just recycles EXISTING wealth. New wealth is created when PRIVATE ENTERPRISE invests its own money in projects that both creates new wealth AND new jobs. Long-lasting jobs, not the temporary ones created by government programs. When are liberal politicians going to learn this? Probably never.

McCHRYSTAL RESENTS AUTHORITY? What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff! That’s what Liz Trotta, a liberal on Fox, is trying to sell. McChrystal doesn’t “resent authority.” He resents IGNORANT authority that tries to sabotage his efforts to WIN the war in Afghanistan, as they did General McArthur in Korea, and other generals in Viet Nam. He did NOT “do something stupid” when he allowed a “Rolling Stones” reporter to kill his career. He saw what was coming and wanted out. That gave him an excuse to resign with dignity.

ALL I NEED TO KNOW: I get very angry at all the liberal bozos that get all “concerned” about how we “treat” Islamic prisoners who were caught on the field of battle trying to kill Americans for not believing in Islam—or THEIR VERSION of Islam. I learned everything I needed to know about them on Sept. 11, 2001. Islamic terrorists should be shot immediately when caught in the act of killing and maiming innocents; not sent to Cuba where they can be coddled by our liberals.

UNDER $250,000 A YEAR”: That number changes every week. People making less than that will see NO income tax increases, says Obama. They’ve ALREADY seen more income tax increases and losses from government counterfeiting of money (inflation from printing money) than they can afford. What a LIAR!

“PLANNERS” PROMISE UTOPIA: But so far, they have been unable to deliver. Mostly because a “planned economy” never works. But that does not stop the next bunch of “planners” from promising Utopia and not delivering. You’d think people would “get wise” to them. But they have short memories, and when the next bunch of “planners” comes along, promising Utopia, they’ll bite again and swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

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