Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helen Thomas: "Dinosaur"

Helen Thomas, the ancient old bag who dominated presidential press conferences, is WAY past her time. She is rumored to have actively raised money for the group running the “blockade runners” going to Gaza (but that’s not proven, though I’m not surprised). She told a group of Jews that they should “get out of Gaza and go back to the other countries from which they came.” The ONE THING the UN did right was to create the Israeli state. The Israelis aren’t going anywhere. Get used to it, Palestinians. Meanwhile, let Helen go home where she can make caustic comments to her “handlers.”

ONE SQUARE MILE: Israel has “given back” lots of territory in hopes that the Palestinians will shut up. Every time they do, the Palestinians want more. If they gave back all but ONE SQUARE MILE in downtown Jerusalem, the Palestinians would be shelling that one sq. mile, killing men, women, and CHILDREN and demanding they give that to them, too.

400,000 NEW JOBS: All but 45,000 of them in the construction industry are temporary GOVERNMENT jobs. Others are with the IRS, out to get more of your money. Yet Obama touts these as “proof” the recession is over and “good times are here again!” Who the hell does he think he is fooling?

“TWO WARS” Politicians keep talking about “two wars;” one in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. That is false: We are fighting ONE WAR with two theaters. It is the war against Islamic terrorism. Obama doesn’t even allow his subordinates to SAY the words “Islamic terrorists.” He won’t even admit we ARE “at war.” We need to GET RID OF this fool before he allows those Islamic extremists to come here and bomb our cities.

BUNGLING COPS KILL ANOTHER GIRL: Yoram Vandersloot kills again. He thought he could get away with it in Peru as he did before in Aruba. If the cops in Aruba had been just a little bit more competent, this girl would still be alive. He says he “went into a rage” when he found her “checking up on him.” That is not a “reason.” He just thinks he can kill at will, that the cops are too stupid to catch him. And in Aruba, he’s right. He made the mistake of trying the same thing where they WERE a bit more competent and now he will spend the rest of his miserable life (hopefully short) in prison, finding out what it's like to be raped and murdered.

HELEN THOMAS UGLY? Glenn Beck says “Helen Thomas got ugly.” He’s way behind times. She’s been ugly for a long time. Mostly because of what comes out of her mouth, and from her computer (or does she use a manual typewriter?)

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