Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obama's Scheme to Socialize America

This is a "must read" for all intelligent Americans, particularly those who "pay no attention to politics. It will "bring them up to speed" on the Obama scam to socialize America. The scheme to overwhelm the system, causing systemic failure that he will blame on capitalism itself by burdening it with countless entitlements is well under way. Every day your money is worth less. The upshot will be the failure of the system, not because it is no good, but because Obama has overburdened it and MADE it fail. Click nthe above link to see the whole article.

CONGRESSMAN BRAD SHERMAN (DEMOCRAT) “NOT AWARE”: When asked about that stupid statement by that “New Black Panthers” group member—I don’t know—Shamir Shabazz—(ALL Panthers are named Something Shabazz) about killing ALL “white crackers and their babies” and he answered that he does not know about that. What kind of a cave has he been living in lately (he's been listening only to the liberal media)? And THIS is the kind of people we have “leading” our nation?

MARGINALIZING THE TEA PARTIES: The liberals can’t answer ANY of the arguments the Tea Parties make, so they vote in a resolution in the NAACP calling them racist. This is one of the most transparent cons I’ve ever seen. They think just because they SAY it, it becomes true. What a bunch of ignorant jerks! And I don’t mean the NAACP. I mean the LIBERALS in the NAACP. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for this, but I don’t care. They’ve tried to brand me as a racist before because I’m not afraid to criticize a black person when he/she is wrong. It doesn’t work, any more. They’ve tried it too often.

REID LIES AGAIN: This is not news. Harry Reid lies every day. That’s how he stays in power, like the rest of the liberals. In this case, he told someone who asked him about the “immigration problem,” on the border and he replied, “We don’t HAVE an ‘immigration problem’ on the border”. Does he really think we are stupid enough to BELIEVE this lie? Politicians regularly deny the obvious and hope we believe it. But this has “gone over the edge.”

HOW DID OBAMA GET ELECTED? It was his ability to tell voters to “go to hell” and have them looking forward to the trip. (Stolen from the Rush Limbaugh show) He may be a very poor president, but he’s a very good con-man.

OBAMA FINALLY WAKES UP: When the NAACP decided to call the Tea Parties “racist,” he told them to include al-Jazeera and al Qaida on that racist list. Mostly because the Islamic terrorists blew up a lot of black people in Uganda. But we know they're racist otherwise, too.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR AL QAIDA: The Obama White House is upset that al Qaida is killing black people, not because they kill white people who don’t believe exactly the same as they do (which they do every day). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a president as STUPID as this one. Or at least as stupid as he wants us to believe. Gotta make sure they only kill white people! Be PC, al Qaida.

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