Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Insane Government

This government is now being run by people who are INSANE! Israel boards a vessel run by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, to INSPECT it. They TOLD them ANY vessel going to Gaza was subject to inspection. But the people on board attacked the boarders, causing nine (Palestinians) to be killed. So the United Nations condemned the Israeli action and we agreed. This is INSANE! Israel HAS the inherent right to defend itself from people who want to kill every Jew in existence. And the UN "condemns" them for it. So who cares what an organization MADE UP OF dictators and despots thinks?

NO OUTRAGE FROM MEDIA: When Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oil rigs on fire and opened the taps on their oil tankers and pipelines to reduce the world supply of oil and raise the world price on oil after we whipped him the first time, there was no outrage from the American media. The oil leak in the gulf of Mexico wouldn’t be a pimple on the butt of that disaster, but outrage is all the liberal media can talk about. The difference? BP is private enterprise and Obama has taught them to hate private enterprise.

NOT INVENTED HERE SYNDROME: Shell Oil has a system in use elsewhere in the world, notably in Saudi Arabia, to separate the oil and water, salvage the oil, and clean up the water. It has been offered to the Coast Guard (meaning the feds), but they can’t get an answer on whether it can be used here.

NOT THE BIGGEST OIL SPILL: We keep being told the Gulf oil spill is the biggest oil spill in the history of the world, but that’s a lie. There was a bigger oil spill in Mexico some years ago, and people are still there trying to manage it. The things our government wants us to believe! Sheesh!

GLOBAL WARMING “SCIENTISTS?” Obama wants global warming “scientists” to look at the Gulf oil spill. Why? They can’t even get it right concerning global warming! What does he expect of them in this? Jeeze, how stupid IS this man? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself!

OBAMA’S “TRANSPARENCY”: Obama promised us “transparency in government,” and he has given it to us. He is as “transparently corrupt” as any politician I have ever seen. His latest crime is offering jobs to Democrats running against his “pet” candidates to get them out of elections and minimize the damage his own excesses have done to the Democrat Party. He is the most “transparent” crook ever to hold the Oval Office in my lifetime. Bill Clinton is second, and Jimmy Carter third.

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