Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Provocations At All

The “Arab World says Israel “attacked a Palestinian ship with “no provocation whatsoever.” Who do they think they’re fooling? On ANY given day, at ANY given time, Israel has a “provocation” to kill Palestinians after all the unprovoked attacks the Palestinians have made on Israel. Do they really think the rest of the world are fools?

EXAMPLE OF THE TWIST: Rush Limbaugh famously said, “I want Obama to fail.” The liberals twisted that to have him saying, “I want the country to fail.” This is how they twist what we say and then criticize us for saying it. What Limbaugh actually wants is for OBAMA to fail in his quest to socialize this country and take over permanent leadership of it, which will cause the COUNTRY to fail. To want OBAMA to fail is a GOOD thing, since everything he wants to do is BAD for this country.

GOLLY! IT WAS AN AID SHIP! Really? Then why were the soldiers on it armed, and why did they fight when the Israelis (who were entitled, after all the Palestinian atrocities they’ve suffered) wanted to inspect the ship to make sure they were not allowing an army and more weapons into Gaza. If they had not attacked the Israelis, maybe they’d have just been inspected and allowed to go on their way IF they had nothing contraband. We’ll never know, now. Now they’re sending yet ANOTHER ship to “run the Israeli blockade on Gaza.” Looks to me like they’re simply PROVOKING Israel, which they do routinely.

ALGORE AND WIFE SPLITTING: And of course, the bullderm preceding the announcement was longer than the announcement itself. When is Al going to learn that the length of his pronouncements doesn’t make them more believable. This one is probably more believable than anything else he has come up with recently. Later on, we heard of a "probable" sex scandal involving Al. No proof, just a woman's word. But I wonder...

TAKING OVER BP? Some liberals are suggesting Obama “take over” BP. First of all, this is not possible without breaking the law. Of course, that does not bother Obama. Second, BP is not an American company. To attempt to take it over would be futile without creating an international incident. Third, what the hell does Obama know that BP doesn’t, when it comes to plugging that leak? Nothing. So if he takes them over, it becomes HIS problem. He doesn’t want that. It would make it plain he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

UN CONDEMNS ISRAEL: And we agreed to it. This was their response to the Turkish “setup” in which 9 people died after ATTACKING people who only came aboard to INSPECT their ship, as they TOLD them they would, to make sure it WAS a “help” mission, not an act of war. That will put the cap on Obama’s losses in 2010 and 2012.

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