Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama Doesn't Want "Losers"

He wants there to be NO SCORING, anywhere. He feels “uncomfortable” with winning. How the hell did he get to be PRESIDENT, but by making “a loser” out of McCain? What a “double-thinker!”

WE’RE ALL EXTREMISTS”: Anybody who doesn’t agree with Obama and his gang of thieves while they steal everything that’s ours is “an extremist.” Of course, none of HIS gang are extremists. Not even the admitted communist he appointed to be one of his “czars” or the woman who says she “loves Mao Tse-Tung.”

LIMITLESS AMOUNT OF MONEY: That’s what Obama and his gang of thieves think we have, and he intends to spend as much of it as he can to make as many of us as possible dependent upon him so we’ll vote to keep him in office forever. He hasn’t a CLUE about economics, and neither do his advisers.

TALK AND MORE TALK: Obama seems to think that the answer to all problems is for him to make another speech. He has scheduled another “meeting” where he will make his speech to eliminate unemployment. He thinks that “talk” will make it “all better.” Meanwhile unemployment is at 10% and going higher. What a jerk!

MEDIA MAD AT OBAMA: They don’t like his “attack” on Fox News. They feel “left out.” They want him to attack them, too. His “attack” caused their viewer list to grow significantly.

NOBODY VOTED FOR HIM: Some wag recently said, “I can’t find anybody who voted for Obama. Then who voted him into the presidency? I guess people just don’t want to ADMIT voting for him.

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