Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Put Them All Together

Just outside Chicago is a good place for all those murderers from Gitmo. Let them know what Chicago is like. Chicago is the HOME of an overage of criminals, most of them in Chicago government. So near Chicago is a good place for them.

WELL NAMED: G. William Deseve is a special assistant to President Obama. You’d think people would know all about the jokes people will tell about this guy with that name. Or are they too stupid to see the obvious?

KILLING COCKROACHES: Finding and killing Islamic terrorists is like killing cockroaches with a gun. Kill 500 and 10,000 skitter away.

WIPED OUT A TALIBAN TOWN: American forces wiped out a “nest” of Taliban in a small town in Wazuristan and killed 500 terrorists, while 900 “skittered away” like roaches.. Most will be called “innocent civilians” by the Taliban

ACORN GETS SMART: After 7 tries. The guy who exposed ACORN’s willingness to finance a whorehouse has done the same thing 7 times and only on the 7th try did he run into an ACORN man telling him they “didn’t do illegal things.” It’s about time the “word” got down to the “rank and file” to expect a visit from this guy and to lie to him. Wonder why it took 7 tries to find one?

THE ACORN “SMEAR”: ACORN is calling the 7 visits by this videographer (mentioned above) a “smear.” But a “smear” would not be possible if ACORN people didn’t try to help him open his (imaginary) whorehouse using underage girls. Only on the 7th try did he run into somebody who told him “ACORN doesn’t do illegal things” (having been forewarned to expect this visit). If that’s true, why did ACORN people DO illegal things SEVEN TIMES before this?

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