Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrating Piracy

In Iran, they CELEBRATE the kidnapping of American diplomats thirty years ago. An action in which the current president, Ahmadinijerk, was intimately involved, as a KIDNAPPER. There is a PICTURE of him among the kidnappers. Is there NOTHING to which Islamic terrorists will not stoop?

LIBERAL FASCISM: Most people don’t know that Woodrow Wilson jailed more people just for disagreeing with him than Mussolini ever did. Nor do they know that both Lincoln AND FDR tried to “pack” the Supreme Court with their own people so they would not declare some of their unconstitutional measures to BE unconstitutional.

THEY CALL IT “RELIEF”: But what it really is, is a way for them to take even more control over your life. If you don’t realize that, or just find out for yourself, you’re lost.

LIKE KENNEDY LOSING IN MASSACHUSETTS: The Democrat loss in New Jersey and Virginia is sending “shock waves” through the Democrat Party. They’re trying to minimize it, but they can’t. Not only are they struggling to get enough votes to impose Obama’s health care swindle on us, now they’re starting to lose elections they should have “in the bag.” This is TERRORIZING them.

CASH FOR CLUNKERS FAILURE: Obama would like to have seen people collecting the $4500 “free money” he offered for trading their old gas burners in on newer “less-gas-burners.” But that didn’t happen for the most part. Example: they traded in Ford F150s on a newer model of the same truck, saving, maybe 3 MPG. Many traded for cars using MORE gas. So, just based on its goal, it spent $3 billion taxpayer dollars for what amounted to a 3-MPG advantage.

OBAMA AND LOGIC: He has shown his illogic many times. One, in his attempt to do away with “pre-existing conditions” in health insurance, and two, his determination to move Gitmo prisoners to the United States and give them the same constitutional rights as Americans. These people are the same thing as prisoners of war, but without even THOSE rights, NOT American citizens, and are not ENTITLED to constitutional rights; just as is it not a good idea to sell health insurance to someone already sick.

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