Sunday, November 22, 2009

Say It Often

Liberals think if they say something often enough it will become true. Like the lie that Sarah Palin is “shallow” and doesn’t know enough to even be QUALIFIED to be president. They’re afraid she IS, and will be elected in a landslide if she runs (as an unashamed conservative) against that “man-child” now in the white House. They also say, “The era of Reagan is over.” They wish. The “era of Reagan” will NEVER be over. It is based on a set of VALUES that will never change. They HOPE it will change.

“FACT-CHECKING” BOOKS: They’re “fact-checking” Sarah Palin’s book, but not a single book written by a liberal. The New York times assigned ELEVEN reporters to “fact-check” Sarah’s book and found only 7 “errors,” mostly by misrepresenting what she said. I might become a believer when they “fact-check” Obama’s book or that of any other liberal. But it ain’t gonna happen. Will they “fact-check” AlGore’s book?

IRAN THUMBING NOSE: Ahminidjerk thinks he’s capable of “taking on” the world, including the United States. He’s wrong. He’s signing his death warrant, just as Saddam did with a similar campaign that got him “dumped,” then executed. Ahmadinijerk thinks that won’t happen to him. He’s wrong.

“CLEAN UP YOUR ACT”: Obama is telling Afghanistan President Karzai to “clean up his act” or lose our support. Maybe Obama should think about cleaning up his OWN act before he gives demands to Karzai.

NOT THE WAY: You don’t fight a war by making your generals wait MONTHS for a decision on sending the troops they need, then announcing to the world your decision after giving the enemy WEEKS of warning when you make a decision. What a JERK this president is!

DEMS BLOCKING ACORN INVESTIGATION: Everybody’s wondering why there is no meaningful investigation of the ACORN scandal. That’s easy; the Democrats are BLOCKING it. They don’t want an investigation of the organization that stole enough votes to get them elected. Enough that they “defunded” them for a MONTH.

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