Saturday, November 28, 2009

Palin On Oprah

When she announced it, she was deluged with “hate mail” from the liberals in her audience (which is all of her audience). Oprah thought it would help her ratings, but more liberals stayed away than did conservatives tune in. She won’t make THAT mistake again. When Oprah interviewed her, they concentrated on TEN PAGES out of 400 where she discussed her run for vice president, twisting it (predictably) all out of shape so what she was supposed to have said fit their template and was just the opposite from what she really DID say. It was a MASTERFUL job of “cut and paste.”

HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? They’re touting “jobs saved or created” in districts that do not even exist. In one place where there are THREE districts total, they claim to have “saved or created” x number of jobs in “District 83.” Gawd, they must think we’re stupid! Do they really think we won’t spot such things? Or do they just not care?

JESSE JACKSON IS RACIST: He says, “You can’t call yourself a black man and vote against the health care bill.” If I said, “You can’t call yourself a WHITE man and vote against the health care bill” what would I be? So what is HE? Or do you believe that bull sh-- that a black man can’t be a racist because he has no power? Being a racist doesn’t REQUIRE that the racist have power! It only requires that you hate someone because of the GROUP he’s in.

JACKSON IS A “RACE WHORE”: He has built his career on whipping up racism where there is none. He is engaged in EXTORTION of big business when he tells them to give money to one of his “charities” or he’ll file suit, calling THEM racists. Of course, he loots his “charities” on a regular basis.

MAKING BAD HISTORY: There has never been a time when an “enemy combatant” has been tried in a civilian court unless he or she is an American citizen. Yes, they are making history by trying the 9/11 conspirators in a civilian court. But it is BAD history. It confers upon them rights to which they are NOT entitled and lays open secrets the enemy is not entitled to know, and which will hinder our ability to fight ANY war in the future after they set this precedent.

WE CAN’T TRUST THEM: Obama and his “gang of thieves” think we trust them, but we do not. They lie every day, either in words or in their “dog and pony shows” meant to fool us. They cite “jobs saved or created” in districts that do not even exist, in every state. They think we believe them, but we don’t. Only those who “don’t pay attention” do. Unfortunately that was enough to let Obama “squeak” into the presidency and begin screwing up this country.

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