Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's All About Obama

Anything in which Obama is associated must be “all about him” or he is not interested. Like his invitation to speak at the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which he declined. He knew it would be devoted to Reagan’s memory, not HIM. So he wasn’t interested.

“CENTERED”: Liberals call what Pelosi and Obama are doing “moving toward the center.” What a LOAD! It’s “moving far LEFT! Moving toward SOCIALISM or fascism. This is how they fool people who “pay no attention to politics.”

WHAT’LL IT TAKE: To get RID of Barney Frank? I don’t care if he’s gay. That’s his business. But if he expects us to believe he was completely unaware that his gay lover was running a gay WHOREHOUSE out of his apartment OR that he didn’t know what a pot plant LOOKED like, he’s deluded. The liberal media isn’t interested, and neither is Congress. He needs to be in PRISON, not the Congress.

WHY WON’T HE ADMIT IT? The Obama administration is “fighting tooth sand nail” to keep from calling the army major who killed 13 people at Ft. Hood an Islamic terrorist. All evidence I’ve seen so far CONFIRMS it. Maybe it’s because he just doesn’t want to admit that his lax policies CONTRIBUTED to this attack.

CONSERVATIVES ARE “CONTROVERSIAL” Every time I hear about a known conservative in the liberal media, he/she is described as being “controversial.” They’re only “controversial” to liberals.

ARMY KNEW: That Maj. Hasan, the crazy Islamic terrorist who killed 13 people at Ft. Hood, was an Islamic extremist and was planning to kill people to make a point, as do most Islamic terrorists. What did they do? They “investigated” for six months while he prepared to kill people. He did it before they did anything about it, and 13 people are dead because the Army was AFRAID to get rid of an Islamic who told EVERYBODY what he was, to avoid “insulting Islam.” Are these people INSANE? Are they so “politically correct” they can’t act?

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