Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why Mention Hasan's Religion?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard one Fox respondent’s question about why we mentioned the Ft. Hood shooter’s religion. The answer is simple: we’re fighting Islamic terrorists for our very survival and shooting unarmed innocent people in large groups is what they do. It’s common sense. How can people BE so stupid?

$12 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT: And it’s predicted to reach $21 TRILLION dollars soon. This is not a debt YOU will have to pay. It’s one your GREAT GRANDCHILDREN will have to pay. They’ll be born TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. Yet Obama and his gang are gaily spending more and more of YOUR money. Money you don’t have. Can you stop him? YES! By voting his liberal friends out of office in 2010 and HIM in 2012.

TAKING IT BACK: In 2008, Obama carried Virginia, the first time in many years a Democrat has done so. In 2009, REPUBLICANS “took back” the governor’s office there. Is this an “omen” that Americans are “waking up” to Obama? I think so. I HOPE so.

USING MASSACRES TO PUSH GUN CONTROL: As usual, gun control fanatics will use the massacre at Ft. Hood to push “more gun control.” But if Ft. Hood (and other massacre sites) had not been a “gun-free zone,” the death tolls would not be nearly as high because there would probably have been someone there to kill the killer before he could kill a lot of innocent people.

IT’S NOT GUNS: Many people just don’t like guns, which is silly. Without a human hand to hold and point it, a gun can do NOTHING. If “bad guys” couldn’t be SURE his intended victims would NOT be armed, maybe he/she wouldn’t even TRY to kill innocent people in groups.

CHEAPENING LIFE: Liberals like to blame guns for high murder rates. But that’s a lie. They come from a certain “cheapening” of life that begins with allowing people to KILL the result of unprotected sex (which is a basic liberal tenet). This “cheapening” of human life is what leads to such things as mass murder. Not guns. Without guns, they’d use knives, swords, bats, cars, etc., which kill just as surely.

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