Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Slandering" Our President

One reader accused me of “slandering” our president. I asked her to give me ONE EXAMPLE of how I “slandered” Obama, but never heard from her again. I guess she couldn’t come up with a specific and preferred, like Obama himself, to just insult me with no proof of anything. In any case, TRUTH is not “slander.”

“NO DEATH PANELS”: Obama and his “gang of thieves” say there will be no “death panels.” There are ALREADY “death panels.” One citizen tried to get a H1N1 vaccine for his wife and was told he had to apply to the City Government for PERMISSION. They refused it and his wife died from complications of the “swine flu. Sounds like a “death panel” to me.

“CALLING US OUT”: Obama says he wants to “call us out” for the “misinformation” we are spreading. But the only “misinformation” out there is that HE is putting out. So I’m calling HIM out. I want to ask him some pointed questions and get REAL answers, not the “politician’s answers” that don’t even get CLOSE to answering the real question.

“BACKLASH” AGAINST MUSLIMS: That’s what Obama and some of his gang are worried about. Backlash HE says will come from “the right wing.” I got a clue for him. There wasn’t even a “backlash” against Muslims after 9/11! So is he trying to CREATE this backlash for his own purposes, or what?

THEY CAN’T COMPETE: So they want a new list. On every “best-seller” list, there is one or more CONSERVATIVE books at the top. Sarah Palin’s book was number one even before it was released. Glenn Beck had first and second AT THE SAME TIME! So they want to start a list, just for LIBERAL books so they’ll have something to shout about. They can’t win on a list for both sides, so they want their own list.

BLAME CONSERVATIVES: For everything bad that happens. When a renegade bombed a government building and killed hundreds of people they (mostly Clinton) tried to blame Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits, saying it was “their rhetoric” that caused this madman to “snap,” not his extremist bent. The Muslim Army major who murdered 13 unarmed soldiers in a “no-gun zone” on an Army base “snapped” after hearing too many “horror stories” from his patients (whom he was trying to recruit for “the cause”). Forget he tried to tell anybody who would listen what he was, but nobody listened. They’re listening, now.

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