Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Truth Doesn't Matter

Remember that news anchor who showed us phony documents alleging that George Bush avoided service, then when he was found out, said, “Sure they were phony. But since we knew it was true, we went with it, anyway.” Liberals (Democrats) are still doing that. Watch for it in anything brought to you by the liberal media.

A RACIST WORLD: Obama told us if we elected him it would “destroy racism forever in America.” He lied. It made it worse, since EVERYTHING he doesn’t like is “racist. Disagree with him on ANYTHING and YOU are a racist. or extremist, or worse.

NOT TERRORISM: The Ft. Hood shooter was shouting, “:Allah Akbar!” as he murdered a bunch of unarmed troops after posting on extremist web sites saying suicide bombers were like soldiers “Falling on grenades” to save their buddies. How stupid do they think we are?

THEIR BEST WEAPON: The best weapon the Islamic terrorists have against us is our own liberals, who have made it a CRIME to “profile” ANYBODY, for ANYTHING. They Wonder why we talk about Major Malik’s RELIGION when he shouted “Allah Akbar!” ("God is Good") a Muslim mantra, while murdering unarmed soldiers in what is essentially a “gun-free zone” on a military base. How STUPID are these people?

WHY A “GUN-FREE ZONE?” Why the hell an ARMY base would be a “gun-free zone” (except for on-duty soldiers) is beyond me. These people are trusted with guns while working, why not for self-defense? Typical liberal crap.

P-PTSD: Liberals are trying to tack a “pre-post-traumatic stress syndrome” (a twisted made-up diagnosis not supported by fact) onto the Ft. Hood shooter, who has NEVER been in a war zone and spent most of his “counseling” time trying to RECRUIT soldiers to “the cause.”

LISTENING TO HORROR STORIES? Would that have the effect on a psychiatrist of making a mass murderer out of him? Not even. Unless he was already bent in an Islamic extremist direction.

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