Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama's Downfall

The governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia have been widely considered “key races” in Obama’s bid to retain power for himself and his fellow swindlers. I hope this election signals the complete downfall of Obama and his accomplices in Washington. The Democrats call it a “frightening omen,”

LIBERAL “CODE WORDS”: “Political Justice,” “Economic Justice,” “Social Justice,” and any other combination of words with “Justice as the suffix." Any such comment is a “liberal code-word” to mean some form of collectivism (socialism, fascism, or even communism).

THE BREAKING POINT: Obama has taken his election as permission to go completely WILD in moving us closer to collectivism (socialism, fascism, etc.) It is NOT, as he is about to find out, to his chagrin.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS: Our lawmaking bodies are constantly and (if we let them) passing laws that are patently unconstitutional, then enforcing them until somebody who has enough money to hire expensive lawyers and take it to court succeeds in having it DECLARED unconstitutional. It happened in Colorado, where Democrats attempted to pass a law allowing them to steal . . . er, uh, confiscate cars driven by people who don’t have their driver’s licenses with them. It would be “cruel and unusual punishment, since that car might be worth $50,000. That’s a BIG punishment for a small paper violation. But it “went down in flames,” losing by almost 2 to 1. I guess we’re not TOTALLY stupid yet. But they’ll try again, count on it.

“BENEATH HIM”: Many people say Obama’s fight with Fox News is “beneath him.” I disagree. There isn’t much “beneath” his “Chicago Thug Politics.”

THE “BIG LIE”: Obama’s liberals told us there was a recession when there was none. Now he’s “in charge” and he and his people are trying to convince us there IS none.

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  1. How is it our country has been the greatest country in the world for over 200 years and now Obutthole want's to change it?