Thursday, November 5, 2009

It'll Cost You Nothing!

That’s what Obama is telling us about his health care swindle. It’s a lie (But what isn’t, if it comes out of Obama’s mouth?) Have you EVER seen a “government program” that cost NOTHING? Or one that EVER cost less than you were told it would? How STUPID do they think we are?

THE LIBERAL MEDIA DANCE: “The liberal media refer to anti-Bush protesters as patriots, but call conservative Town-Hall protesters ‘Nazis and ‘unruly mobs’ “. This is how they twist the news outrageously. (Media Research Center)

MEDIA DOUBLE STANDARD: “Media figures harping for days when a Republican is caught in a scandal, but are silent and omit key facts when the same happens to a Democrat.” (Media Research Center) In this way they “protect” Democrats. And if they’re FORCED to report about a Democrat scandal, they mysteriously omit the fact that that politician is a Democrat.

KING’S A FOOL! Larry King and his “painted on” suspenders is talking about the “threat” of the right wing. There IS no such “threat” unless you’re a fool. The right wing is only a “threat” if you want this country to become a socialist nation with Obama and his free-spending of “other people’s money” at the top.

OBAMA’S PROMISES: He made more than 500 promises to the American people during his campaign to be elected president. How many did he keep? Not very many, and most of them he DID keep, we don’t want.

OBAMA BELITTLES ELECTIONS: Obama’s press flack, Robert Gibbs, dismissed the Nov. 4th election results, saying the president has things more important to do than keep track of every election. What a load of BS. EVERY president keeps very close track of EVERY election, especially when he is busily raping the people as Obama is.

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