Sunday, November 29, 2009

Throwing Friends to Alligators

Hoping they will eat them last. That’s what businesses who “go along” with Obama’s plans (swindles) are doing. That’s like two wolves and a sheep having a “democratic vote” on what to have for supper.

SUFFER UNDER IT, TOO: Any Member of Congress who votes for Obama’s health care swindle should be made to suffer under it along with the rest of us. But that’s never going to happen. Count on it.

BILL MAHER IS STUPID! And he thinks AMERICANS are stupid. He also thinks we need a dictatorship and ADMIRES the communist Chinese system. How stupid is THAT?

“SLANDERING OUR PRESIDENT”: One reader accused me of “slandering our president.” How do you ”slander” someone by telling the TRUTH about him? This reader also said I should be glad I live in a country where I CAN “get away with” slandering our president. Sounds like she wishes we lived in a country where we can NOT. Frankly, if things keep on like they are, we won’t be able to criticize our government in any way.

OBAMA DITHERED, PEOPLE DIED: Obama dithered for a long time about making a simple decision on sending enough troops to Afghanistan to get the job done. One would think a neophyte like him would defer to people with decades of experience at making war, but NOOO! He thinks just because he scammed and schemed his way into the presidency, he knows more than these men. He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Sorry about the ”French,” but that’s the only real way to say it and get the idea across.

TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN: “Barack Hussein Obama is Bernie Madoff with the political power of the presidency at his disposal.” (Floyd Brown, architect of Bill Clinton’s impeachment)

THE “REAL” JOBLESS RATE”: If you include all those whose unemployment has run out and who have just “given up” when it comes to finding a job, the REAL jobless rate is 17.5%. “As experts debate the potential speed of the US recovery, one figure looms large but is often overlooked: nearly 1 in 5 (20%) Americans are either out of work or under-employed.” (Patriot Update)

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