Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conservatives Are "Controversial"

Nowhere have I ever seen a LIBERAL described as “controversial” in the liberal media. But every time they talk about a CONSERVATIVE such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or even ME, they add the tag, “controversial,” as if everything we say is suspect. But what we say is only “suspect” to LIBERALS because we disagree with them.

“POLITICAL MOTIVES”: That’s how the liberals in Obama’s “gang of thieves” refer to our disagreement with his scams and schemes, just as if only what HE and his gang are the only ones telling the truth or are operating from logical and honest, rather than “political” motives. How STUPID is this guy?

“SQUEEZING OUT” THE INSURANCE BUSINESS: That’s what Obama is doing by “competing” with them with a GOVERNMENT agency that does NOT have to make a profit, while THEY do. This will inevitably “squeeze them out.”

RECRUITING IN PRISONS: That’s the most “fertile ground”: for recruiting Americans for al Qaida or any other Islamic extremist organizations because these people are already “disaffected” by BEING in prison. Never mind they committed CRIMES to GET sent to prison. But of course, they don’t consider that. They think they’re just being “picked on.”

WE’RE NOT AT WAR WITH TERRORISTS: Obama and his gang of thieves will just not admit we’re AT WAR with Islamic terrorism. He won’t even allow government people to CALL it a “war” any more (it’s now called “man-caused tragedy”). He has actually SAID that “victory is not an option” in Iraq or Afghanistan. What kind of a monster have we (not me) elected to run this country?

IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT: Everybody’s wondering why the vaccine manufacturers can’t seem to get enough H1N1 vaccine made as quickly as they promised. The Obama gang says they’re just incompetent. The TRUTH is, the Obama gang insisted it be produced in single-dose form instead of in bulk, which was much easier and much faster. Their promises were made on the basis of the bulk option.

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