Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Financial Fraud Task Force"

AG Holder is forming a “task force” to ‘investigate” the reasons behind the “financial meltdown” while IGNORING the PRIMARY reason, a law FORCING lenders to loan money to deadbeats, an “exercise” in disaster,” a disaster that they are experiencing now.

STUPID LAW: Maybe we should discuss the STUPIDITY of such a law (as the one mentioned above) in the first place and the POLITICIANS behind it. But nobody in Washington wants to talk about that. They’re only interested in prosecuting BUSINESSMEN for doing what the GOVERNMENT forced them to do.

YOU CAN’T TARGET A SINGLE ORGANIZATION: Congress has “defunded” ACORN (for a whole month). They are “investigating” them. ACORN has filed suit against the government, saying, “Congress can’t ‘target’ a single group.” Why not? They’re FINANCING this “single group.” Seems like thaqt would be THEIR decision.

TYPICAL: This is so typical: “investigating” businesspeople for doing things the government ORDERED them to do and calling their actions “criminal.” But nobody’s “investigating” the politicians, right up to, and including TWO Democrat PRESIDENTS, who are REALLY responsible.

OBAMA’S DRAFT CARD: You’re being “drafted” into Obamalosi’s “medical care swindle” whether or not you want it. I don’t. I won’t sign up for it and they’ll probably put me in jail where they have to feed and clothe me. Which will cost them a lot more than it would to just ignore my reaction to their unconstitutional acts. IF they have room for me with all the VICTIMS of the “drug scene” they have in there.

DISTRICTS THAT DON’T EXIST: This is so typical of the liberals. Claim advances that don’t exist; and when caught, claim “a clerical error.” They say it has been so long since they had to tell the truth they’ve forgotten how (they didn’t say it that way). They said it in such a way as to absolve themselves of blame.

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