Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Surrounded By Extremists

Obama says to see who surrounds a person to find out how he thinks. So Van Jones, an avowed communist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a radical black supremacist, Bill Ayers, a well-known domestic terrorist bomber, Rashid Khalidi, Jeff Jones, The Apollo Alliance, ACORN, SEIU, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren should tell you about him. Think about it. There are more radicals surrounding this president than anything else.

IT’S NOT HIS BUSINESS! Lecturing our children on ANYTHING is not the business of the president of the United States. So why is Obama lecturing our children, telling them things that should be told them by their parents? I don’t care about the CONTENT of his speech. It is the CONCEPT I don’t like.

EVERYTHING IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Everything our government does today is unconstitutional, and has been for some time. It has gotten worse since Obama and his “gang of thieves” descended upon Washington (many of the same thieves that came there with Clinton). They get away with it because nobody with any power to do anything about it cares.

SMALL BUSINESS BEING SQUEEZED OUT: “Big Business is “too big to fail,” so Obama is giving them BILLIONS of our dollars while taking over control. Meanwhile, small; business can’t get credit and many are simply going out of business because of “negative cash flow” caused by the liberal (Democrat) meddling with the economy to win the election. What they don’t realize is that small business is the SOURCE of almost all the jobs.

“SMEAR CAMPAIGN? Avowed communist and former “Green Czar” for Obama Van Jones says he’s resigning because of a “smear campaign” led by Glenn Beck. Since when is playing the tapes of HIS OWN statements a “smear campaign? Actually, the White House just “swept him out with the other trash.”

DESPERATELY KNOCKING THE OPPOSITION: Obama and the liberal media, especially in the person of CBS, are desperate. There has been so much natural opposition to his policies, especially his health care swindle, that he can’t answer them. So they call them “an angry mob.” What’s the difference between “an angry mob” and a group of people who support HIS policies? It is the fact that they OPPOSE him that makes them “angry mob.”

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