Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama Kills "Snitch Site"

First he says he doesn’t HAVE a “snitch site,” then he announces he has “killed it.” What he has actually done is submerge it into another web site. But its purpose is the same. To get ignorant Americans to “snitch” on their friends. Isn’t that what the Soviets used to do”? (Without the Internet, of course)

“ASTROTURF”: That’s the new word (other than “wee-weeing”) the liberals have brought us. It means MANUFACTURED dissent. You know, the kind THEY usually do. Now they’re accusing us of what THEY do (as usual). They just will not admit that Americans, for the MOST part, want NO PART of what they’re selling and are angry that they’re determined to impose it on us whether we like it or not.

SHOUTING THEM DOWN: Yes, conservatives shout at those “town hall” meetings. Mostly to be heard over the shouting by those congresspeople who are being asked REAL questions, rather than those “wishy-washy” questions the liberal media asks them and the union thugs sent there by Obama. Democrat congressman Barney Frank, the architect of the “economic slowdown,” is worse than the rest. He’s always got his mouth open. Sometimes for purposes other than shouting, however.

BIG MISTAKE: This is how the government manages your medical profession: More than 1500 vets were told they had an inoperable and deadly disease and should just “go home and die.” But it was a “clerical error” and was not true. “Oops! They didn’t even tell them personally. They told them by LETTER. They didn’t even have the press get the truth out until Fox got hold of it. Then they tried to cover it up until Fox broke the story.

FED “TAX TAKE GOING DOWN”: There are millions fewer people working, and thus fewer taxes being paid, and the liberals are “surprised” that "tax increases” and “giveaways” haven’t UPPED the “tax take. Gawd, are these people STUPID!

REAPPOINTING BERNANKE: I guess Ben Bernanke was willing to go against his principles to keep his job as the head of the Federal Reserve. Some of the statements he’s made have actually embarrassed me, and I’m not even an economist. I just believe in logic. But Obama likes his “loyalty” (his willingness to accept Obama’s lies) and has appointed him for another term.

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