Thursday, September 24, 2009

Khadaffi: We Need Freedom!

KHADDAFFI SAYS WE NEED FREEDOM: Except, of course, in his country, for his citizens. He says other countries should leave his alone. Let him continue to murder his enemies (and other Libyan citizens) and kill indiscriminately anywhere in the world (Such as Lockerbie, Scotland) without being bothered to have to explain himself to others. He wants the freedom to do what he wishes while denying that right to his people.

BOMBS ON 4-YEAR-OLDS: That’s what Islamic terrorists do. They send four-year-olds into crowded places and detonate them remotely (because who suspects a four-year-old?). But our idiot liberals are “worried” about how we treat them in captivity. I don’t think we should TAKE them captive. I think we should shoot them where they stand when we catch them in the act of killing innocents. They don’t deserve anything better.

OBAMA IS INSANE! We think Ahmadinijerk is insane, because of the stupid things he says. But Obama says things just as stupid whenever he speaks. The things he says have convinced me he is as insane as are many of the so-called “leaders” in the Middle East. Just listen to the things he says with a critical ear, and you’ll agree. The only thing he hasn’t done is kidnap diplomats from other countries, as Ahmadinijerk has.

OBAMA ISN’T AGAINST PROFITS: Unless it isn’t him who is making them. He wants to take ANY profits made by someone else and make sure HE has the power to spend the money. He talks down profits, apparently not realizing it is the PROFITS made in the “private sector” that support his “flights of fancy.” Without people making profits, there’s nothing there for him to steal.

THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Jimmy Carter still has that dubious honor. He presided over the destruction of our economy and Bill Clinton tried his best to make it worse. But several successive Republican administrations mostly rescued us while the Democrats were demonizing them and working like beavers to undermine them. Now Obama is trying his best to wrest that dubious title from Jimmy, while Jimmy tries his best to retain it, accusing everybody who disagrees with Obama, in any way, of being “racist.”

IT FIGURES: A long-time Kennedy staffer and confidant has been appointed by the governor of New York as a “placeholder” to keep Kennedy’s seat, vacated by his welcome (to me) death, from falling into the hands of a Republican (fat chance in Massachusetts). They did pass that (expected) law to go back to the old way from the earlier law (also designed to keep this seat out of Republican hands), so they could subvert the election process. This is common in Democrat/liberal-dominated Massachusetts.

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