Monday, September 7, 2009

Congressman vs. Thief

"I prefer a thief to a Congressman. A thief will take your money and be on his way, but a Congressman will stand there and bore you with the reasons why he took it." (Dr Walter E. Williams)

LOGICAL COMPARISON: "If Obama wanted to take on the cost of food in the same way they're taking on health care, he'd say that he's going to drive down the profits of the greedy farmers and squeeze the profits of the shipping industry. Then he'd attack the food stores." [There isn’t ANYTHING he could do that would be worse for America. -RT] (Quote from Rush Limbaugh)

“PLAYING THE RACE CARD”: This seems to be the standard approach to their pathetic attempts to deflect ANY opposition to anything Obama wants to do. They said electing a black president would “end racism for all time in the U. S.” It didn’t. It just allowed all Democrats to call ANYBODY who opposed his ideas a racist. It will soon “wear thin.”

BARNEY LIES AGAIN: Barney Frank says Teddy Kennedy’s brothers were killed by their “opponents.” But Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan (to whom Obama’s buddy Bill Ayres, the domestic terrorist dedicated one of his books) were BOTH leftists. Oswald was a freaking COMMUNIST, for crying out loud! But Barney wants us to think they were killed by OPPONENTS, meaning conservatives and/or Republicans. Does he really think we’re stupid enough to believe this crap? (Rush Limbaugh)

NOT BY SHOUTING: Glenn Beck says, “[Y]ou can win debates not by yelling or bullying, but with the facts.” But only by shouting to be heard over the shouting of the PRO-socialized medicine jerks.

COMMUNIST QUITS: Van Jones, who thought the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 tragedy (he now denies it, though I heard him say it) and is an ADMITTED (proud) communist (I heard him say that, too, though some people think he had to resign just because of his radical views), has now resigned as Obama’s “Green Czar.” He never should have been appointed. He is WAY too radical, though apparently not for Obama.

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