Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Can't Afford It!

So why is Obama trying to impose socialized medicine on us, whether or not we want it? He SAYS he will “sign no bill that increases the deficit.” That’s a LOAD! How is this POSSIBLE? Anything he proposes will increase the deficit. He has spent so much money ALREADY that there isn’t enough money in the WORLD to pay for it all. His promise obviously is a promise to increase TAXES enough to pay for it, which is impossible.

“NOT DRIVEN BY PROFIT”: Obama says he and his government “are not driven by profit.” How STUPID is this? Without profit there will be no money for him or his minions to steal and use to pay for his impossible promises? He talks about “reducing unemployment,” but hopes you forget that without employers making a PROFIT, unemployment will continue to rise. Profit is what makes this world “go around.” The Soviet Union collapsed because there was no profit, and ALL socialist governments will collapse for the same reason when there are no longer any NEW socialist nations left to “prop them up.” Even communist China must make a profit in its dealings with other governments.

INSULTING: Rich people who have never had to earn a buck in their lives are condescending and insulting when they do things like “give heating oil to the poor” while talking about “squeezing the profits” of “the rich” who have EARNED their riches. This is insulting to everybody who EARNS his/her own way, rich or not.

FOR A HUNDRED YEARS: Obama says, “Since Teddy Roosevelt,” presidents have been trying to impose socialized medicine on us without success (the description is my words). You’d think they’d get the hint. We want no part of it!

WE WILL CALL THEM OUT! Obama says, when people spread (what he calls) “misinformation” (but which is actually truth) about my health care plan “I’m going to call them out.” Great. I’m one of those “spreaders of truth" (which he calls misinformation). So “call me out.” If he doesn’t, I’m calling HIM out. I have PROOF of my statements, he does NOT.

PROFITS EQUAL INNOVATION: Obama is constantly talking about “squeezing the profits” of somebody or other that we are supposed to hate and blame for all our problems. But without profits, we have no innovation. Without the possibility of profits, nobody is going to invent ANYTHING. Profits are responsible for EVERY new product that makes our lives easier that has ever been invented. How can Obama keep talking about “squeezing profits” and be taken seriously? To do so only shows his ignorance and his thinking that WE are as ignorant as HE is.

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